Volunteer InformationNZ Sport Stacking Open Championships (Novice)

Volunteer Information

The success of the 2017 NZ Sport Stacking Open Championships relies greatly on the volunteers who help out at the event. We need several volunteers! In most cases, no particular experience is necessary, just some enthusiasm and a willingness to help!

How can I help?

We have a variety of jobs including:

  1. Judges - Work in teams to officiate the Stacking Competition. Training provided.
  2. Camera Operators - Operate video camera during finals. Training provided.
  3. Transition Person(s) - Guide competitors through to Competition Tables.
  4. Runners - Run time sheets and supplies to officials.
  5. Certificate Writer - Write up certificates as results come in. No experience necessary.
  6. Set-up and Clean-up Crew - Help set up Saturday morning and help clean up after the tournament on Saturday afternoon.

I want to Volunteer. Now What?

  • Review Volunteer Information above.
  • Contact our Volunteer Coordinator below
  • The WSSA NZ will contact you to confirm your Volunteer duties and times.
  • Attend 2017 NZ Sport Stacking Open Championships (You receive FREE Admission!)
  • Check in at the Volunteer Table and do your thing!
  • Thanks for Volunteering!

Volunteer Coordinator

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