4th Danish National Championships


Stacker Information
Please select the events you would like to compete in. For doubles and relay make sure you coordinate with your partner/team members prior to the tournament.



Most Stackers partner with a member of their Relay Team to form an Age Division Doubles Team. Doubles teams can be coed. If you need help finding a partner please type "need partner" below.

Child / Parent Doubles

In addition to competing on an Age Division Doubles team, a Stacker may also pair up with a "parent" in the Child/Parent Doubles Division. The intent of this special event is to encourage family stacking. A child may compete with one of their parents, step parents, legal guardians, grandparents or step grandparents, and that "parent" may compete with each "child" in their immediate family.


Most Stackers partner with a member of their Relay Team to form an Age Division Doubles Team. Relay teams can be coed. In addition to the Timed Relay, teams will also compete in a Head-to-Head style bracket relay. If you need help finding a team please type "need team" below.
Stacker Agreement

I agree to the following...

STACKER AGREEMENT: By clicking above, I agree to display positive behavior and good sportsmanship. In addition, I am: 1) granting the World Sport Stacking Association, Speed Stacks, Inc., and their affiliate's permission to film and record my/my child's likeness, appearance, image, name and/or voice in any media. Such film and/or recordings may be used for promotional, broadcast, or other purposes, worldwide, in perpetuity. The consideration I am to receive for my granting such rights is the right for me to participate in this event; 2) verifying that my date of birth and citizenship are accurate; 3) verifying that I reside in the Region/Country stated previously; 4) If a Special Stacker, I verify that I meet the WSSA Special Stacker definition and I have registered at the level that reflects my disability.

PARENT AGREEMENT: If Stacker is under 18: I understand and agree to the terms of the above Agreement for my child and understand that my child will need to be supervised during the competition. Either my child's Relay Team Coordinator or I will assume that responsibility.


November 14, 2021
$150.00 (DKK)

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