Volunteers JudgesUK Championships 2019


We rely on volunteers to assist WSSA UK in making these tournaments successful. We would welcome any enthusiastic sport stackers that would like to help team WSSA UK with this tournament.

We need help with:

We have a variety of jobs including:

  1. Judges - Be part of our WSSA UK judges team and help officiate the events. Experienced sport stackers who have attended two or more tournaments and must be over 14 years of age. Training will be provided. Judges will receive a complimentary WSSA UK Judge Team shirt to wear whilst officiating.
  2. Camera Operators - Operate video camera during finals. Training provided.
  3. Guides - Guide competitors through to competition tables and assist with any questions from sport stackers. Training provided.
  4. Runners - Run time sheets and supplies to officials.

If you are interested in volunteering for any or all of the roles above, please email Jeremy@thewssa.co.uk

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