StructureWorld Sport Stacking Championships


Stackers will upload pre-recorded videos. When the tournament opens, each stacker will be given a code to be written and placed in view of the camera, and will have a specific number of days to upload their prelim videos.

  • Individual Prelims: In this video, the stacker must do their prelims just like they would at an in-person tournament by doing two warm ups and three attempts for each of the three individual events (3-3-3, 3-6-3, Cycle). Everything must be recorded together with no breaks, just like at an in-person tournament.
    Sample Video Submission
  • Child/Parent Doubles Cycle (SS 3-6-3) Prelims: Stackers submit a video of two warms and three Cycle (SS 3-6-3) attempts. This event will work like traditional C/P Doubles where one stacker is the right hand and the other is the left hand.
    Sample Video Submission
  • Online Doubles Cycle (SS 3-6-3) Prelims: Stackers submit a video of two warms and three Cycle (SS 3-6-3) attempts. The times for each attempt will be averaged with the times their Doubles partner submits and that will be the time for the Doubles team.
    Sample Video Submission
  • Online Timed 3-6-3 Relay: Stackers submit a video of three 3-6-3 attempts (no warm ups). The time for each attempt will be added to the times their relay teammates submit and the sum of each attempt will be the times for the team. Teams may have 4, 5 or 6 members, but only times for the fastest 4 members (the sum of their three attempts) will be used to calculate the teams time.
    Sample Video Submission

Prelims will be judged offline and the results posted on the WSSA website.

Video Instructions:

  • Camera must be in front of the stacker. Videos taken from the side will result in a scratch. Try to light the stacker from the front and avoid strong backlighting
  • Event code must be visible to the camera during the entire video. Attempts without the event code in view will be a scratch
  • Camera view does not need to include the stackers head but must include all cups , both side to side and vertically. If using a TD, it must also be completely within the camera view.
  • Stackers should submit the following separate videos as shown in the examples above:
    • 3-3-3 and 3-6-3 and Cycle Prelims (all in 1 video)
    • C/P Doubles Prelims (optional)
    • Online Doubles Prelims (optional)
    • Online Relay Prelims (optional)
    Each video must be filmed without breaks and the stacker must remain in view between attempts.
  • Stackers without a TD must clearly show a zero to the camera before each attempt and must clearly show their final time to the camera after each attempt. Attempts without showing a zero to start and the final time at the end will be a scratch.
  • Warm ups are optional for Individual Prelims and Doubles. There are no warm ups for Timed 3-6-3 Relay. Stackers do not need to show their timer on warm up runs.
  • Videos must be uploaded and the link and times entered into the webpage before Prelims end, as shown on the schedule. Videos may not be substituted or edited after they are submitted so please review your videos carefully to make sure they meet all the requirements before submitting them.

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