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WSSC Head To Head Cycle

Due to satellite locations, this year's Head to Head event will run using the following format:

  • How it will work:
    • This will be a Cycle Relay Single Elimination Bracket and will include teams that consist of only national team members. These will be the same teams that compete in the Age Division Timed 3-6-3 Relay. Time sheets and instructions on how to run this event will be provided.
    • Teams will compete in standard WSSA age divisions.
    • At each satellite location, teams complete and record 4 Matches. Each team completes one two Cycle relay races per match.
    • After WSSC is complete around the world, team times starting with the first attempt are put into their bracket in the order that they are completed until they win the bracket or are eliminated.
    • Each race will be matched up by attempt. If the score is a tie, the tie breaker is the fastest time of all your races no matter the attempt. If Race #3 is needed as a tie breaker on the bracket we will use each team's fastest time of that Match and if both teams scratch both attempts we will use the team's overall fastest time.
    • No penalty points - if you scratch you get a 999
    • Definition of "Overall Fastest Time"
      • A team's fastest recorded time from all Matches (even future matches), whether it was used in a match with another team or not. This ensures each team (even those with a BYE) have the same number of times used in calculating their "Overall Fastest Time".
  • Print one for each Relay Team competing in the WSSC (3 separate time sheets will fit on 1 page, each relay team needs 1)

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