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International Challenge


Dear Stackers and Worlds Hosts,

Thanks to everyone who participated in 2022 Worlds and especially to those WSSA Representatives who hosted one of the Worlds Satellite Locations. It’s a lot of work to put on an event and I know stackers really appreciated all the effort.

Because this year’s tournament had to be held in multiple Locations, the WSSA had to come up with new ways to structure our traditional events. With the International Challenge, we tried to design it so a team from each country could record attempts in a way that could be compared to other countries. Unfortunately, we did a poor job describing the exact rules for how to record those attempts. Some countries recorded the attempts all at one time (including scratches) and others did not. Some Locations misunderstood how many attempts were needed or didn’t do the event at all because they weren’t sure how it should be done. Because we were not clear about the rules, the attempts were recorded in different ways and so it would not be fair to compare them. Because of this, we will not include the International Challenge with the Worlds results. My apologies to all the coaches and teams who participated in the International Challenge. If we ever have to do it this way again, we will state the rules more clearly for everyone.


Larry Goers
CEO, Speed Stacks Inc.

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