Individual Female 3-3-3 Sport Stacking World Record 1.569 (Chu Chun Yang)

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As the hemisphere’s finest stackers gathered in Kuala Lumpur for the annual WSSA Asian Open Sport Stacking Championships, Si Eun Kim and Chu Chun Yang took the stage with a performance to be remembered.

Unfazed by the big occasion, Korea’s Si Eun Kim decided that it was time to have her name engraved into the WSSA records book. On her third attempt, the 12-year-old completed the 3-6-3 in 2.019 seconds, improving the previous record by a mere 0.023 seconds.

Not only did Si Eun Kim snag honors for the 3-6-3, she was also briefly in the running to take on two new world records! Her 3-3-3 time of 1.599 graced the top of the leader board going into the Stack of Champions.

Chu Chun Yang, the previous world record holder, was also in attendance on the hemisphere’s biggest stage. The Taiwanese Champion had her eyes locked on the prize, to reclaim her coveted record. Her determination was not enough to recapture the 3-6-3, so she shifted her focus to the 3-3-3. In just 1.569 seconds, Yang climbed right back up to the top of the record charts.

The competition, hosted by WSSA Malaysia, was a success as 415 stackers from 8 countries helped set 88 new WSSA records. We would like to thank WSSA Malaysia for putting on a great tournament!

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