Chan Keng Ian2016 World Sport Stacking Champion

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“Champions are made when no one is looking.”

The speaker of this quote obviously did not witness the atmosphere inside the Sportarena in Speichersdorf over the weekend. Stackers and family alike paid special attention to each and every finalist in the timed events in hope of witnessing the raise of stars of tomorrow and the prominence of the veterans. Chan Keng Ian was the break out star at the 2014 World Sport Stacking Championships in South Korea, finishing narrowly second behind Josh Hainsel. Two years later, the then-starlet stole the show from his former idols to become the new All-Around World Sport Stacking Champion with a 9.065 seconds combined time. The Malaysian superstar adds yet another international title to his already impressive resume which include the 2015 Asian Open Grand Champion title. He has done this all at only 11 years old. Finishing beyond Ian are Son Nguyen (9.853 combined-time) from Team Germany and Min Jae Jeong (9.855 combined-time) from Team Soul Korea.

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