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2011_stackup STACK UP! Overview

2011_stackup STACK UP! Overview


STACK UP! started in New Zealand

Verification numbers should be coming in soon...

Keep track of STACK UP! as it moves around the world. First stop is New Zealand, last stop Hawaii! The number to beat: 0!

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    It Was A Wild And Fun Day!! We Did Some Games From The Speed Stackers Teacher's Guide. The Kids Had Fun..
    -- KATHY N. (DRUMRIGHT, OK United States)
  • Lake Ridge Elementary 188 Stackers
    Lots Of Fun~.
    -- Lindsey N. (Magna, UT United States)
  • Attucks Elementary 155 Stackers
    We Stacked In Every PE Class..
    -- Carri K. (Kansas City, MO United States)
  • Seeger High School 216 Stackers
    We Had Stations This Year. We Hit All 5 Components Of Fitness With Our Stations And Had A Selfie Station!.
    -- Diane H. (West Lebanon, IN United States)
  • Strode Station Elementary 150 Stackers
    Students Did A Variety Of Relays, Station Work And Games..
    -- Troy H. (winchester, KY United States)
    All Student Cup Stacked During Their P.E. Class, We Made A Poster, Everyone Signed The Poster You Sent, And We Played Loud Music. It Was A Great Day..
    -- KELLEY G. (BALTIMORE, MD United States)
  • Carpenter Elementary School 208 Stackers
    Students Were Very Excited To Be Part Of This Event!.
    -- Lisa C. (Ann Arbor, MI United States)
  • Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny Nr 7 367 Stackers
    Our Stack UP Day Was Very Suprising And Enjoyable. At The Very Beginning I Supposed About 100 Participants, But It Was Two Months Ago. This School Is My New One, And My Expectations Were Not So Big. Finally The School Boss Said That We Can Do It For The Whole School So I Prepared The Plan And We Did It. All School Was Participated In STUCK UP Day. We Did Relays, Children Were Tought 3-3-3 And 3-6-3 Disciplines. We Did Also Game, One Student Is Stacking Second Is Running In Circle And Then They Had To Change. We Did Relays With Jumbo Stacks. The Day Was Really Hard But Very Fruitfull. There Was Also Invited The Local Newspaper So It Was Really Good..
    -- Dariusz T. (Wodzislaw Slaski, Poland)
  • McKinley Elementary School 216 Stackers
    10 Different Classes Came Thru And Did Cups And The Large Bucket Cups. We Did The Relays And Had A Great Day..
    -- Peg C. (Kansas City, KS United States)
  • Ben Calf Robe School 248 Stackers
    Our Stack Up! Day Was Wonderful. Students Stacked Alone, With Partners, For Speed, And In Relay Reces Using Jumbo Stacks. We Also Collected Items For The Local Food Bank!.
    -- Roberta W. (Edmonton, AB Canada)
  • University Of Northern Iowa 112 Stackers
    12 University Physical Education Majors Worked With 100 Elementary Students In A Variety Of Speedstacking Activities..
    -- Rip M. (Cedar Falls, IA United States)
  • Casey Park Elementary 270 Stackers
    Stacking Up Our Local Food Pantry As Well As Stacking All Day. Students Are Pumped!.
    -- William A. (Auburn, NY United States)
  • Habonim Elementary 47 Stackers
    1st-4th Graders Taught Pre-schoolers How To Stack..
    -- Smadar E. (Haifa, Israel)
  • St. Christopher's School 191 Stackers
    Grades K, 1, 2, 3 & 4 Indy 500, Cup Stack Relay, Competition Timers, 3-3-3 Tournament.
    -- Jack O. (Richmond, VA United States)
  • Cogburn Woods Elementary 405 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Great Time. I Shared With The Students The 2016 Guinness World Record Book. They Thought It Was Pretty Cool To See Speed Stacking In It As Well As Be A Part Of It. Thanks.
    -- Kris M. (Milton, Ga., GA United States)
    We Started With An All School Relay Race, Then We Had Stations For Our Students To Go And Participate Where They Could Practice, Compete, Or Creative Stack..
    -- KRISTY C. (ROGERS, AR United States)
  • Central School 65 Stackers
    The Kids Loved It (5/6 Grade). We Played A Pyramid Game & Each Student Got A Participation Sticker + A Star Sticker For Each Round They Won. Even The Parents Were Excited..
    -- Patty G. (Glencoe, IL United States)
  • Schuster Elementary 210 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Blast. We Did Kinder Through Fifth Grade..
    -- Lalena F. (El Paso, TX United States)
  • Carder Elementary School 400 Stackers
    We Had Our Physical Education Classes Do Relays Working On Various Down Stacking And Up Stacking Patterns. Then To Get Everyone Involved We Had Everyone Stacking During Their Recess Time Doing Various Relays With The Jumbo Stackers..
    -- Lori F. (Corning, NY United States)
  • West Chatham Elementary School 140 Stackers
    The Children Were Truly Excited About Participating And Using The Speed Stacks. They Loved Using The Timer And Mat And Competing Against One Another. I Also Had Individual Timers Where They Could Time One Another And We Did Class Competitions. When I Was In The Lunchroom On Lunch Duty Today I Heard Conversations Children Were Having About The Event. I Have Also Had Children Come Up To Me Asking If They Could Do What The Other Children Were Doing..
    -- Linda R. (Pooler, GA United States)
  • St. Paul's Lutheran School 75 Stackers
    We Set Up Tables For Each Grade Level/classroom And The Students Took Turns 'competing' With One Another In Designated Stacking Combinations. If The Cups Fell Or Tumbled Before The Formation Was Complete, The Student Had To Start Over Which Added Time. Which Ever Class Got Through Their 'team' First ~ Won That Particular Contest. We Had The Photographer From Our Local Newspaper Stop Out And Take A Few Pictures For The Publication..
    -- Jonathan L. (Ixonia, WI United States)
  • Riverwoods School, St Cloud Children's Home 57 Stackers
    All Physical Education Students Participated And A Recreation Therapy Group As Well. Fun Time Had By All! Thanks.
    -- Rick R. (St Cloud, MN United States)
  • Witt Elementary 135 Stackers
    The Day Went So Well, The Kids Asked To To It A Second Day!.
    -- Chris W. (Westminster, CO United States)
  • Crab Orchard Elementary 320 Stackers
    Great Day Of Stacking! We Had Free Stacking With Grades Pre-k - 2 And Fetch 12 With Grades 3-5..
    -- Richard S. (Crab Orchard, WV United States)
  • Henley Elementary School 450 Stackers
    We Played Two Cup Stacking Games, Had Free Time To Explore The Stacking Cycle, Challenge Time, Got Our Stickers And Had A Great Day!.
    -- Meghan S. (Klamath Falls, OR United States)
  • Meadow Lane Elementary 111 Stackers
    All My PE Classes Stacked It Up Today During Class ! They Loved It!.
    -- Becky K. (Olathe, KS United States)
  • Longview Farm Elementary School 574 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day With All Of The Art Music And PE Classes Stacking During Class..
    -- Tiffini S. (Lee's Summit, MO United States)
  • Cottonwood Plains Elementary School 236 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Blast! Team Stacking And Individual Records To Make It Even Better!!.
    -- Geoff O. (Fort Collins, CO United States)
  • Roquemore/Jones Academy 626 Stackers
    We Had A Fantastic Day. Kids Had Fun! They All Signed A Poster That They Participated In National Cupstacking Day!.
    -- Allison L. (Arlington, TX United States)
  • River Beach Primary School 97 Stackers
    We Had A Great Time - Children From 4 Classes Took Part In The End. The Children Loved Trying To Race For The Quickest Time - Against Themselves, A Friend And The Teacher.They Worked Together On Giant Stacks Too - Great For Teamwork!.
    -- Zoe W. (Littlehampton, United Kingdom)
  • Roosevelt Elementary School 615 Stackers
    #2015StackUp Was A HUGE Success. We Posted A Ton Of Photos On Twitter And Got Some Retweets..
    -- Christian T. (McAllen, TX United States)
  • Randerson Ridge 56 Stackers
    We Are Just Learning How To Stack, So We Went Through The Instruction Dvd And Learned Up To The 6 Stack..
    -- Mark R. (Nanaimo, BC Canada)
  • St. Julia Billiart 588 Stackers
    Great Day! Lots Of Fun! Kids Had An Awesome Time!!!!.
    -- Rosa J. (Markham, ON Canada)
  • Prairie View Elementary 400 Stackers
    We Had A Great Time And Shared Our Experience On Twitter And Periscope All Morning #Stackup2015 @pvhawkspe.
    -- Ryan W. (Spokane, WA United States)
  • Beech Hill Elementary School 500 Stackers
    We Had Students In Grades K-5 Doing All Kids Of Stacking Activities!!! We Practiced Our Techniques And Even Had Competitions To See Who Could Stack The Fastest!.
    -- Kara M. (Summerville, SC United States)
  • A. Maceo Walker 71 Stackers
    We Started Off With A Practice Round For 3-3-3 And Then We Did A Relay Race And End With A Elimination Game. Using 6-6.
    -- Marcus C. (Memphis, TN, TN United States)
  • Roy Elementary School K-Kids 110 Stackers
    We Had A Busy And Fun Day Stacking Cups..
    -- William P. (Northlake, IL United States)
  • Hallett Elementary 485 Stackers
    In Our School Each Grade Level Came To The Gym For Relays And Free Stacking Time. Fun Was Had By All!.
    -- Deanna C. (Medical Lake, WA United States)
  • Lake Holcombe Schools 152 Stackers
    We Participated In Group Stacking Games In The Commons. Pictures Were Taken By Various Teachers Who Said That They Were Going To Share Them On Our School Facebook Page..
    -- Tim S. (Holcombe, WI United States)
  • Bayswater School 68 Stackers
    We Started With A Live Broadcast On National Television At 7.50am. After Morning Tea We Took Turns In Classes To Stack For The Time Allocated... We Raced, Had Team Races And Learnt How To Do Doubles..
    -- Marianne C. (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Orange Grove Charter School 275 Stackers
    We Taught The Younger Students A 3-3-3 And We Reviewed With The Older Students. Then, They Each Had A Chance To Practice And Time Themselves..
    -- Mandy R. (Charleston, SC United States)
  • Debra Golembieski 160 Stackers
    Relays Went Well, Students Were Very Excited To Break Last Years Record..
    -- Debra G. (East Haven, CT United States)
  • Keno Elementary School 62 Stackers
    The Kids Loved It. I'm Looking Forward To Next Year's Stack Up! Day, As Well As Using Cup Stacking Days Throughout The Year..
    -- Steve S. (Keno, OR United States)
  • Poole Elementary School 156 Stackers
    Each Student Worked On The Complete Cycle Stack Doing Step By Step Stacks (3, 6, Then 10 Stack) Then Worked On The Cycle Stack..
    -- Michele R. (Dallas, GA United States)
  • M. Gerald Teed Memorial School 195 Stackers
    We Approached This As A Whole School Activity (K-2). All 195 Students Participated In The 30 Minute Cup Stacking Relays Running 3-3-3. We Have Been Working On Our Cup Stacking Skills For The Past Week In Physical Education Classes And The World Record Challenge Was Seen By Our Students As The Highlight Of Our Cup Stacking Adventure. We Were Able To Run Each Of Our Ten Classes Through The Relays 10 Times Each, Allowing Our Students To Stack A Total Of 19500 Cups In A 30 Minute Period. The Students Thoroughly Enjoyed Themselves And All Wanted To Know If We Broke The World's Record....we Are All Anxiously Waiting To Hear..
    -- Mark C. (Saint John, NB Canada)
    We Completed The March Madness Final 4, And Starburst Relay, And The Cup Hunt And Stack Game. Students Were Also Able To Showcase Their Quickest Times And Try To Beat The School Record. I Was Only Planning To See Some Of My Students Today, But Was Able To Rearrange My Schedule And The Schedule At My School So That I Could See Every Student. Thankfully The Art And Music Teachers Helped Me!.
    -- COY R. (POTTERVILLE, MI United States)
  • Pratt Elementary School 480 Stackers
    We Stacked All Day! Every 45 Minutes A Different Grade Level Came In To Participate. We Started In Groups Of 4, Had Elimination Rounds And One Winner Per Grade Level (3-5 Grade), K-2 Just Switcher Partners, No Contest..
    -- Susan F. (Sand Springs, OK United States)
  • York Elementary School 212 Stackers
    Students Did Cup Stacking In Gym Class. Tables Were Spread Out In The Gym With Different Pictures Placed On Them. Students Were At The Tables For 2 Minutes Building The Picture And After Two Minutes They Would Rotate To A New Table..
    -- Lori P. (Bristol, IN United States)
  • St. Paul's Lutheran School 68 Stackers
    We Got A Late Start Because The Local TV Station Showed Up. They Interviewed Teachers And Students And To Some Footage For The KOTA Evening News. FUN Was Had By ALL!.
    -- Bert B. (Rapid City, SD United States)
  • Izbegi Altalanos Iskola 89 Stackers
    We Used Relays For P.E. Lessons.
    -- Kalla L. (Szentendre, Hungary)
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