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2011_stackup STACK UP! Overview

2011_stackup STACK UP! Overview


STACK UP! started in New Zealand

Verification numbers should be coming in soon...

Keep track of STACK UP! as it moves around the world. First stop is New Zealand, last stop Hawaii! The number to beat: 0!

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  • Holly Elementary 155 Stackers
    The First Part Of Our Stack Up Time We Reviewed And Practiced Each Stack Type, Then Students Got To Free Stack And Race!.
    -- Jason M. (Holly, MI, MI United States)
  • Ocean City Intermediate School 61 Stackers
    This Was A Combined Fourth And Fifth Grade Classroom That Took Place Twice During The Day..
    -- Chris N. (Ocean City, NJ United States)
  • West Chatham Elementary School 140 Stackers
    The Children Were Truly Excited About Participating And Using The Speed Stacks. They Loved Using The Timer And Mat And Competing Against One Another. I Also Had Individual Timers Where They Could Time One Another And We Did Class Competitions. When I Was In The Lunchroom On Lunch Duty Today I Heard Conversations Children Were Having About The Event. I Have Also Had Children Come Up To Me Asking If They Could Do What The Other Children Were Doing..
    -- Linda R. (Pooler, GA United States)
  • Isabel F Cox School 75 Stackers
    We Used The Stack Spots And Timers Along With Our Big Cups To Have A Fun Stacking Experience. The Gym Was Buzzing With Excitement As They Moved To The Stations And Enjoyed The Dance Music In The Backround..
    -- Candace R. (Redcliff, AB Canada)
  • Honey Creek Elementary 252 Stackers
    All Students Who Came To PE Today Participated. We Invited Extra Classes In To Reach Our Goal..
    -- Jane V. (Conyers, GA United States)
  • Pine Valley Elementary School 150 Stackers
    We Did Relays, Fitness And Had Lots Of Fun. We Even Sent Some Tweets Out..
    -- Ann S. (Wilmington, NC United States)
  • Keno Elementary School 62 Stackers
    The Kids Loved It. I'm Looking Forward To Next Year's Stack Up! Day, As Well As Using Cup Stacking Days Throughout The Year..
    -- Steve S. (Keno, OR United States)
  • Evangeline Middle School 48 Stackers
    We Ran The Following Stations: Learn To Stack, Relays, Challenge Your Time And Battlestack..
    -- Jane K. (New Minas, NS Canada)
  • Sunset Valley Elementary 166 Stackers
    Students Had A Blast. I Even Had My Record Holder From Years Ago Come And Stack After She Got Out Of School..
    -- Karen R. (Lees Summit, MO United States)
  • Corinth Elementary School 50 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Blast..
    -- Rhonda C. (Gaffney, SC United States)
  • Brubaker Elementary School 110 Stackers
    PE Classes All Participated In Various Activites With The Cups. Many Were Running And Building And Others Were Working Cooperately Together..
    -- Katherine H. (des moines, iowa, IA United States)
  • Witt Elementary 135 Stackers
    The Day Went So Well, The Kids Asked To To It A Second Day!.
    -- Chris W. (Westminster, CO United States)
  • Cane Bay Elementary 129 Stackers
    The Kids Had Fun! They Felt Very Confident As Their Timing And Understanding Increased..
    -- Kathleen C. (Summerville, SC United States)
  • Dixie Public School 313 Stackers
    It Was A Fabulous Day Where We Had Relay Races, Competed In 'Builders & Bashers', Timed 3-3-3, 3-6-3 And The Cycle.
    -- Truong V. (Mississauga, ON Canada)
  • PS 38Q Rosedale 135 Stackers
    We Did Stacking In All PE Classes And During Recess Today. Students Were Excited About It All Day. We Did A Variety Of Stacking Activities Including Scooter Races And Timed Competitions On Stack Mats..
    -- Stewart J. (rosedale, NY United States)
  • Finland Elementary 175 Stackers
    I Had All 2nd Graders And There Teachers Along With Some Extra Participants Stacking At The Same Time!.
    -- Mark E. (Columbus, OH United States)
  • Divine Redeemer Catholic School 40 Stackers
    Had GREAT Turnout! Students Very Excited To Be A Part!.
    -- Bridget E. (Colorado Springs, CO United States)
  • Westwood Elementary School 138 Stackers
    The Students Enjoyed The Day Very Much. They Were Very Interested In Learning The Different Patterns. They Enjoyed The Timers And Competition With Each Other. Thank You For The Opportunity..
    -- Kevin M. (West Jefferson, NC United States)
  • Christian Academy Of Louisville 81 Stackers
    Students Participated In Relays And Timed Races Today During PE..
    -- LeAnn H. (Louisville, KY United States)
  • M. Gerald Teed Memorial School 195 Stackers
    We Approached This As A Whole School Activity (K-2). All 195 Students Participated In The 30 Minute Cup Stacking Relays Running 3-3-3. We Have Been Working On Our Cup Stacking Skills For The Past Week In Physical Education Classes And The World Record Challenge Was Seen By Our Students As The Highlight Of Our Cup Stacking Adventure. We Were Able To Run Each Of Our Ten Classes Through The Relays 10 Times Each, Allowing Our Students To Stack A Total Of 19500 Cups In A 30 Minute Period. The Students Thoroughly Enjoyed Themselves And All Wanted To Know If We Broke The World's Record....we Are All Anxiously Waiting To Hear..
    -- Mark C. (Saint John, NB Canada)
  • Conner Street Elementary 115 Stackers
    Students Competed In A Class Vs. Class Minute To Win It Competition And Also They Competed In A 3-3-3 Stack Challenge..
    -- Teddy S. (Hurricane, WV United States)
  • Randerson Ridge 56 Stackers
    We Are Just Learning How To Stack, So We Went Through The Instruction Dvd And Learned Up To The 6 Stack..
    -- Mark R. (Nanaimo, BC Canada)
  • Digby Elementary School 175 Stackers
    All Grade 1-6 Phys Ed Classes Stacked During Their Phys Ed Class And After Individual Stacking, Students Worked As Teams To Share The Building Experience Of Huge Stack Ups. They Loved The Final Activity With The Biggest Stack They Could Build. This Was Repeated Every 30 Minutes With A Total Of 9 Classes..
    -- Karen S. (Digby, NS Canada)
  • Bierbaum Elementary 636 Stackers
    Music, Relays, Large Cups, Small Cup Circuits. The Children Enjoyed It And Had Been Waiting This Day For Weeks..
    -- Thomas B. (St.Louis County, MO United States)
  • Jaffrey Grade School 95 Stackers
    We Had A Great Morning Of Stacking! Lots Of Relay Races And Friendly Competitions. Everyone Had Fun!.
    -- Ann W. (Jaffrey, NH United States)
  • Meadow Ridge Elementary 82 Stackers
    Students Gave Up Their Last Recess To Come To The Cafeteria To Enjoy "music To Stack By"..
    -- Kathy M. (Rockford, MI United States)
  • Anastasia Elementary School 603 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day! What A Super Experience!.
    -- Tracey C. (Long Branch, NJ United States)
  • Calhoun Academy Of The Arts 174 Stackers
    My Students Stacked Individually As Well As Competing In Races And Building Different Types Of Pyramids And Towers..
    -- Donna S. (Anderson, SC United States)
  • Picnic Point Elementary School 286 Stackers
    A Very Fun Activity Of Cup Stacking Warm Ups, Skill Building And "rapid Relays"..
    -- Philip F. (Edmonds, WA United States)
  • Queen Elizabeth Elementary 25 Stackers
    Kids Did Cycles For The Full Half Hour And Had An Amazing Time. They Were All Fully Engaged.
    -- David M. (Vancouver, BC Canada)
  • Saint John School 200 Stackers
    It Was An Awesome Day. We Always Combine With Another School And Do It Together Which Makes It More Fun..
    -- Debra G. (Waunakee, WI United States)
  • Agy Tanoda 98 Stackers
    Kids Enjoed It, It Was Amazing! Thank You Very Much..
    -- Ágnes B. (Hungary, Hungary)
  • Texas Avenue School 52 Stackers
    I Had The Students Come In Before School From 7:30 Until 8:15 Am. We Had A Stacking Tournament In The Gym..
    -- Julie L. (Atlantic City, NJ United States)
  • Brier Terrace Middle School 640 Stackers
    Our Middle School Students Had A Great Time!.
    -- Sue S. (Brier, WA United States)
  • The Village Children's Program 30 Stackers
    It Was Awesome. All The Children In My Program Participated And Are Excited To Be Part Of A World Guinness Record..
    -- Ahmed B. (Markham, ON Canada)
  • Chugach Optional Elementary School 260 Stackers
    It Was Awesome! We Had Several Stations - Blind Fold, Partner, Free Stack, Exercise Cards, Mini's, Giants, Timed, Untimed... The Kids Really Enjoyed Themselves!.
    -- Polly S. (Anchorage, AK United States)
  • Stanley Elementary 319 Stackers
    It Was Great! The Students Were Super Excited And Had A Lot Of Fun!.
    -- Elonda D. (Stanley, ND United States)
  • Lucile Souders Elem 146 Stackers
    I Had Students Free Stack Through Out The Day. They Listened To Music And Tried Different Ways To Use The Stacks..
    -- Teresa M. (fayetteville, NC United States)
  • Glenbrook Elementary School 147 Stackers
    Thank You! Our School Enjoys This Each Year :).
    -- Heather M. (Shelburne, ON Canada)
  • Roosevelt Elementary School 615 Stackers
    #2015StackUp Was A HUGE Success. We Posted A Ton Of Photos On Twitter And Got Some Retweets..
    -- Christian T. (McAllen, TX United States)
  • St Joseph's School Opunake 108 Stackers
    We Had So Much Fun! Each Class Had A Turn At Practising Their Stacking- 3 Cups Then 6 Cups. Then The Competition Began: Challenging Your Stacking Buddy, Playing "clean Your House" While Sharpening Their Stack-up/stack-down Skills. And Finally The Stack Up Cards- PE Type Activities. Crazy, But Organised Chaos! The Children Also Brought Along Non-perishable Items For Our Local Foodbank. Thanks WSSA For An Awesome Day!!.
    -- Stephanie V. (Opunake, New Zealand)
  • Virginia CUSD #64 203 Stackers
    We Did Stacking Stations, It Worked Out Great..
    -- Abby W. (Virginia, IL United States)
  • Academy For Academic Excellence 98 Stackers
    We Had Four Stations Of Stack Up Games (battle Stack, Relay Race, Exercise Stack, And High Stack. We Had A Lot Of Fun..
    -- Kari M. (Apple Valley, CA United States)
  • JY Klasik Academy 30 Stackers
    It Was A Busy Day! But It Was A Great Day Too! We Did Everything From Warm Up, To Combo Stacking, To Jumbo Cups, To Straight Line Relay, To HTH Cycle Relay, To Rotating Stations Of Different Types Of Stacks And Creative Stacking. All Stackers Just LOVE IT And Keep Asking For More!.
    -- Bee Lee H. (Puchong, Malaysia)
  • Canyon View Elementary 648 Stackers
    We Had All Students That Were Present At School Come And Stack During Their Specials Time. We Also Sent Out Flyers To Include As Many Friends And Parents Possible..
    -- Sue S. (Kennewick, WA United States)
  • Princess Elizabeth School 160 Stackers
    We Had Stations Around The Gym That Students Participated In And Had A Lot Of Un!.
    -- Amanda M. (Saint John, NB Canada)
  • Mountain View Elementary School 149 Stackers
    Students Learned How To Form A 3-3-3 And 3-6-3 Formation. Then, They Practiced And Raced Against One Another..
    -- Misty P. (Jefferson, NC United States)
  • Whitesburg Elementary School 381 Stackers
    Had School Rotating In Through One Door Up/down Sctacking Conga Line...
    -- Ed B. (Whitesburg, GA United States)
  • Melrose Park Elementary 201 Stackers
    Our Students Had Fun And Enjoy It Every Year.
    -- Mary Kay M. (Lake City, FL United States)
  • St Mary's School Wanganui 180 Stackers
    We Spent The Whole School Doing Relays. Included Jumbos, Under Desks, Hopping Skipping Etc. Building Big Tower With The Juniors..
    -- Ian K. (Wanganui, New Zealand)
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