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2011_stackup STACK UP! Overview

2011_stackup STACK UP! Overview


STACK UP! started in New Zealand

Verification numbers should be coming in soon...

Keep track of STACK UP! as it moves around the world. First stop is New Zealand, last stop Hawaii! The number to beat: 0!

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  • James Knoll Elementary 170 Stackers
    I Had 12 Stations Set Up In The Gym So The Kids Had Lots Of Things To Do..
    -- Sheila H. (Ortonville, MN United States)
  • Christ The King Catholic School 60 Stackers
    The Students Participated In Cup Relays, Builders And Bulldozers, Stack Tag, And Building Creative Towers. It Was A Blast!.
    -- Don F. (Wichita, KS United States)
  • Midland Elementary 31 Stackers
    The Kids Enjoyed It A Lot.
    -- Michelle G. (Roy, UT United States)
  • Hollymead Elementary School 359 Stackers
    We Had PE Classes Come Into The Gym For Stack Up Day. We Had Stations Set Up: Towers, Battlestacks, Timing Mats On Tables, Jumbo Stack Relays With Scooters, Table Of Power Game, Pyramid Challenge, Etc.... For Homerooms That Didn't Have PE Today, We Set Up An Alternate Area In The School With Stacks For Them To Schedule A Time To Participate..
    -- Jack C. (Charlottesville, VA United States)
  • Juarez-Lincoln Elementary @ U.D.D.H. / U.I.S.D. 777 Stackers
    We Had An Awesome Day! The Students Had A Blast. We Had So Much Fun, Can't Wait For Next Year..
    -- Lisandra C. (Rio Bravo, TX United States)
  • Cane Bay Elementary 129 Stackers
    The Kids Had Fun! They Felt Very Confident As Their Timing And Understanding Increased..
    -- Kathleen C. (Summerville, SC United States)
  • Kearney Middle School 285 Stackers
    All Of My PE Classes Participated. Had Stations Set Up That Students Could Choose From..
    -- Kristin G. (Commerce City, CO United States)
  • Teague Intermediate School 81 Stackers
    The Kids Loved It. I Had Stations Set Up Around The Gym Or They Could Build. I Normally Teach Cups In January, So This Was A Treat To The Students To Get To Use Early!!.
    -- Melanie C. (Teague, TX United States)
  • Martha Reid Elementary 750 Stackers
    We Had Relays And Partner Staking Along With Teams With Timing Tables..
    -- Mary C. (Arlington, TX United States)
  • Caprock Elementary School 560 Stackers
    Students Collected Cans For A Local Charity And Came To The Gym To Participate In Cupstacking Activities..
    -- Robin M. (Fort Worth, TX United States)
  • Finland Elementary 175 Stackers
    I Had All 2nd Graders And There Teachers Along With Some Extra Participants Stacking At The Same Time!.
    -- Mark E. (Columbus, OH United States)
  • Geyer Springs Gifted And Talented Academy 39 Stackers
    This Was A Fabulous Event For Our Students. Students Rotated Around Tables Stacking The Given Stack Twice Before Moving To The Next Stack. Students Worked On 3-3-3 Stacks, 3-6-3 Stacks, And The Full Cycle. At The End We Attempted To Stack All The Cups Into One Large Stack But It Fell Down Before We Finished. Oh Well. We'll Try Again Later. :) Students Remarked, "This Is Fun!" They Were Huffing And Puffing By The End. :).
    -- Elizabeth C. (Little Rock, AR United States)
  • Perry L. Drew 275 Stackers
    We Played Buliders And Bulldozers..
    -- Gabrielle C. (East Windsor, NJ United States)
  • Holliman School 70 Stackers
    Grade 5 And 6 Students Gathered I. The Gym During Physical Education Class Time, For An Hour. They Practiced With A Partner The 3-3-3 And 3-6-3, Then Could Record Their Times On The Event Time Sheet. The Kindergarten Class Was Separately Introduced To Up Stacking And Down Stacking With 3 Cups Each. Then Did 3-3-3 And As A Class Built A 36 Cup Pyramid!.
    -- Lorrie L. G. (Warwick, RI United States)
  • South View Elementary 80 Stackers
    We Split The 5th Grade Students Into Two Classrooms And Had Some 4th Graders Join Us! The Kids Practiced Their Skills, Competed Against One Another And Played Fun Games With The Cups! They Had An Amazing Time And We Already Can't Wait Until Next Year!.
    -- Christina K. (Muncie, IN United States)
  • Muritai School 27 Stackers
    We Had A Fantastic Time Stacking. We Did Battlestack, Stack Spots, Jumbo Stacks And Individual Stacking..
    -- Deane M. (Eastbourne, New Zealand)
  • Carleton Consolidated School 95 Stackers
    STACK UP! Day Went Amazing! The Students Were Motivated. I Had 4 Stations Set Up In The Gym With Different Stacking Activities And They Rotated Through..
    -- Nicole S. (Carleton, NS Canada)
    All Student Cup Stacked During Their P.E. Class, We Made A Poster, Everyone Signed The Poster You Sent, And We Played Loud Music. It Was A Great Day..
    -- KELLEY G. (BALTIMORE, MD United States)
  • Watertown High School 100 Stackers
    Students Grades 9-12 Participated In Their P.E. Class.
    -- Lori P. (Watertown, NY United States)
  • Holly Elementary 155 Stackers
    The First Part Of Our Stack Up Time We Reviewed And Practiced Each Stack Type, Then Students Got To Free Stack And Race!.
    -- Jason M. (Holly, MI, MI United States)
  • Grace Church School 277 Stackers
    Several Different Grades Did Fitness Stacking, Fetch 12, Builder And Bulldozers..
    -- Chante S. (New York, NY United States)
  • Henderson Elementary 328 Stackers
    Students Had A Great Time Stacking With Other Grade Levels And Trying To Beat Each Other's Times..
    -- Brittany B. (Cheyenne, WY United States)
  • Loch Lomond School 352 Stackers
    We Had A Great Time. Loud Music FUN Other Staff Members Also Stacked To Bring The Number Up..
    -- Robert C. (Saint John, NB Canada)
  • St. Stephen Middle School 114 Stackers
    We Had 114 Stackers Participate In 5 Different Classes Throughout The Day At St. Stephen Middle School! Some Stackers Participated In The Classroom, Some Were In The Cafeteria And Others Were In The Gym. A Great Time Was Had By All!!!!.
    -- Jennifer W. (St. Stephen, NB Canada)
  • Orr And Friends 30 Stackers
    We Set Up A Station At A Public Sports Center In The City This Afternoon And Invited People To Practice And Learn To Stack..
    -- Regina R. (Kiryat Ono, Israel)
  • Eisenhower Ele School -Camp Hill SD 75 Stackers
    Students Were Pulled Together During Their Specials Time To Stack. We Were Able To Have 75 Students In Grades 3-5 All Stack. They Had A Really Good Time..
    -- Sandra F. (Camp Hill, PA United States)
  • Bing Wong Elementary 32 Stackers
    I Gave A Short Demo On Speed Stacking And Free Stacking Then The Students Participated In 40 Minutes Of Cup Stacking..
    -- John M. (San Bernardino, CA United States)
  • Izbegi Altalanos Iskola 89 Stackers
    We Used Relays For P.E. Lessons.
    -- Kalla L. (Szentendre, Hungary)
  • Hugh Gregg Elementary 202 Stackers
    11 Total Classes Sports Stacked During The 9:35am-2:20pm Time Frame Today EST. They Participated In 4 Sport Stacking Stations Set Up In The Gym And Rotated Around To All Of Them During Their 30 Minute Stacking Activity..
    -- Audrey R. (Corning, NY United States)
  • FSG Elementary School 52 Stackers
    The Students Competed Against Each Others To Do Cup Stacking! The Students Enjoyed Stacking And Really Got Better With The Practice The Past Couple Of Weeks..
    -- Beth H. (Ridgway, PA United States)
  • Corinth Elementary School 50 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Blast..
    -- Rhonda C. (Gaffney, SC United States)
  • Roosevelt Elementary School 615 Stackers
    #2015StackUp Was A HUGE Success. We Posted A Ton Of Photos On Twitter And Got Some Retweets..
    -- Christian T. (McAllen, TX United States)
  • Christian Academy Of Louisville 81 Stackers
    Students Participated In Relays And Timed Races Today During PE..
    -- LeAnn H. (Louisville, KY United States)
  • Tomahawk Elementary 245 Stackers
    Depending On Grade Level...we Introduced Speed Stacks To Kindergarteners....work On Competition Stacks With 1st And 2nd Graders......3rd-5th Graders We Had Timings, Relays, Games, And Head To Head Competition..
    -- Woody W. (Lynchburg, VA United States)
  • Shields Elementary 429 Stackers
    Students In All Grade Levels Played A Variety Of Games As Well As Practiced Stacking The Different Ways. Their Favorite Was Playing The Game Survivor And Stacking The Cycle..
    -- Dorthea H. (Glenn Heights, TX United States)
  • Spirit Lake Elementary School 188 Stackers
    We Did Relays, Battle Stacks, Partner Stacks, Giant Pyramid Stacks And Talked About The STACK UP! Day And What It Meant Globally..
    -- Tim O. (Spirit Lake, IA United States)
  • William Monroe Middle School 130 Stackers
    During Dragon Time, Students Came To The Gym And Participated In A Three Different Stacking Stations. A Timed Stack, A Relay Race, And A Pyramid Race..
    -- Katherine M. (Stanardsville, VA United States)
  • Longview Farm Elementary School 574 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day With All Of The Art Music And PE Classes Stacking During Class..
    -- Tiffini S. (Lee's Summit, MO United States)
  • Cottonwood Plains Elementary School 236 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Blast! Team Stacking And Individual Records To Make It Even Better!!.
    -- Geoff O. (Fort Collins, CO United States)
  • Princess Elizabeth School 160 Stackers
    We Had Stations Around The Gym That Students Participated In And Had A Lot Of Un!.
    -- Amanda M. (Saint John, NB Canada)
  • University Of Northern Iowa 112 Stackers
    12 University Physical Education Majors Worked With 100 Elementary Students In A Variety Of Speedstacking Activities..
    -- Rip M. (Cedar Falls, IA United States)
  • A. Maceo Walker 71 Stackers
    We Started Off With A Practice Round For 3-3-3 And Then We Did A Relay Race And End With A Elimination Game. Using 6-6.
    -- Marcus C. (Memphis, TN, TN United States)
    We Started With An All School Relay Race, Then We Had Stations For Our Students To Go And Participate Where They Could Practice, Compete, Or Creative Stack..
    -- KRISTY C. (ROGERS, AR United States)
  • R. Bruce Wagner Elementary 752 Stackers
    We Had Large Groups Stack At A Time So We Used Four Different Stacking Stations..
    -- Craig E. (Lakeland, FL United States)
  • St John School 40 Stackers
    The Stackers Were First Graders. We Did Several Different Types Of Relays Incorporating The Cups With Stretching, Exercises And Running. We Invited Parents To Come And Watch As Well. At The Very End Of The Class We All Helped Build A Giant Pyramid Of Cups! Everyone Had Lots Of Fun!.
    -- Cynthia P. (Plaquemine, LA United States)
  • Challock Primary School 195 Stackers
    We Had Each Class Come Into Our School Hall For At Least Half An Hour To Stack, With Some Of Our Older Children Supporting As Sports Leaders. We Also Played The Table Relay Game, And Have Shared Photos On Our Twitter Feed As Well As Putting Some Up On Our Website Tomorrow..
    -- David L. (Ashford, United Kingdom)
  • Arland D. Williams Elementary School 715 Stackers
    All Of Our Physical Education Classes, K-5, Participated In Cupstacking Relays!.
    -- Angie H. (Mattoon, IL United States)
  • Ben Calf Robe School 248 Stackers
    Our Stack Up! Day Was Wonderful. Students Stacked Alone, With Partners, For Speed, And In Relay Reces Using Jumbo Stacks. We Also Collected Items For The Local Food Bank!.
    -- Roberta W. (Edmonton, AB Canada)
  • Peeples Elementary 56 Stackers
    We Have A Club That Meets On Thursday's. I Invited Some Staff Members To Join Us Stacking. It Was Great Fun!.
    -- Deborah F. (Fayetteville, GA United States)
  • Webster Elementary School 200 Stackers
    We Did Rotating Stations Of Different Types Of Stacks And Races..
    -- Karri S. (Watertown, WI United States)
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