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2011_stackup STACK UP! Overview

2011_stackup STACK UP! Overview


STACK UP! started in New Zealand

Verification numbers should be coming in soon...

Keep track of STACK UP! as it moves around the world. First stop is New Zealand, last stop Hawaii! The number to beat: 0!

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  • Crab Orchard Elementary 320 Stackers
    Great Day Of Stacking! We Had Free Stacking With Grades Pre-k - 2 And Fetch 12 With Grades 3-5..
    -- Richard S. (Crab Orchard, WV United States)
  • Orr And Friends 30 Stackers
    We Set Up A Station At A Public Sports Center In The City This Afternoon And Invited People To Practice And Learn To Stack..
    -- Regina R. (Kiryat Ono, Israel)
  • Texas Avenue School 52 Stackers
    I Had The Students Come In Before School From 7:30 Until 8:15 Am. We Had A Stacking Tournament In The Gym..
    -- Julie L. (Atlantic City, NJ United States)
  • Hallett Elementary 485 Stackers
    In Our School Each Grade Level Came To The Gym For Relays And Free Stacking Time. Fun Was Had By All!.
    -- Deanna C. (Medical Lake, WA United States)
  • G.O. Bailey Primary School 161 Stackers
    We Started Off With 3 Classes Participate In The Relay Style Cup Stacking In The Gym (1st Grade) And Throughout The Day, When Classes Came To The Media Center, We Let Them Cup Stack For The Entire Block (30minutes) Instead Of A Story Time Or A Library Lesson. We Also Allowed Kindergarten Students To Participate In The Cup Stacking And Taught Them How To Do 3-3-3, Which They Did A Great Job Grasping The Concept..
    -- Emy A. (Tifton, GA United States)
  • Chautauqua Lake Central School 293 Stackers
    It Went Very Well. Kids Were Excited And We Are Looking Forward To Doing It Again.
    -- Joanne M. (Mayville, NY United States)
  • Dexter Park School 421 Stackers
    Dexter Park School Has Stacking Stations.....we Had A Battle Stacks Game, Several Tables With Timers, Floor Relays With Partners, Stacking Tic Tac Toe, Jumbo Cups, And A Station Where The Students Could Build Their Own Design..
    -- Jennifer M. (Orange, MA United States)
  • James Knoll Elementary 170 Stackers
    I Had 12 Stations Set Up In The Gym So The Kids Had Lots Of Things To Do..
    -- Sheila H. (Ortonville, MN United States)
  • Austin Elementary 628 Stackers
    Our STACK UP! Day Was Awesome!.
    -- Carol S. (Abilene, TX United States)
  • Lincoln Elementary - Owatonna Public Schools 600 Stackers
    It Was A Great Day! We Focused On The Cycle Competitions In Each Grade And Kept The Students Moving!.
    -- Dustin T. (Owatonna, MN United States)
  • Westwood Elementary School 138 Stackers
    The Students Enjoyed The Day Very Much. They Were Very Interested In Learning The Different Patterns. They Enjoyed The Timers And Competition With Each Other. Thank You For The Opportunity..
    -- Kevin M. (West Jefferson, NC United States)
  • Macksville Grade School 108 Stackers
    We Had 12 Stations With A Variety Of Stacking And Exercises For The Students To Participate In. I Had High School Students Help The Younger Students With The Stations..
    -- Joyce M. (Macksville, KS United States)
  • Scoula Cum√ľnela Da Samedan 33 Stackers
    I Did It In The Classroom With My Students. Learning The 333 And The 363. We Skored The Best Three Of 333 And 363..
    -- Gilbert R. (Samedan, Switzerland)
  • Stanley Elementary 319 Stackers
    It Was Great! The Students Were Super Excited And Had A Lot Of Fun!.
    -- Elonda D. (Stanley, ND United States)
  • Union Elementary School 310 Stackers
    Great Day My Students Love Stack Up Day.
    -- Pam F. (Shelby, NC United States)
  • Sandy Hill Elementary School 426 Stackers
    Cups Aplenty, Cups Galore, Stack Some Cups, Stack Some More. Stack Cups Up, Stack Cups Down, Stacking Cups All Around. Collecting Food, Flying Hands, See Us Stacking Cans. What A A Day, We All Had Fun, Stack Up 2015 Now Done..
    -- Kim L. (CAmbridge, MD United States)
  • Pioneer Park Elementary 225 Stackers
    The Students Were So Excited To See That We Were Stacking Today And Were Asking If We Could Do It Again Tomorrow..
    -- Staci A. (lawton, OK United States)
  • The Village Children's Program 30 Stackers
    It Was Awesome. All The Children In My Program Participated And Are Excited To Be Part Of A World Guinness Record..
    -- Ahmed B. (Markham, ON Canada)
  • Fairbanks Elementary/MASTERS After School Program/ 107 Stackers
    The Students Had A Great Time. We Had Several Stations In Which Students Rotated Through To Cup Stack With The Music Going And Parents Smiling And Watching As They Came In At Pick Up Time For Their Children..
    -- Maia M. (Sacramento, CA United States)
  • Geyer Springs Gifted And Talented Academy 39 Stackers
    This Was A Fabulous Event For Our Students. Students Rotated Around Tables Stacking The Given Stack Twice Before Moving To The Next Stack. Students Worked On 3-3-3 Stacks, 3-6-3 Stacks, And The Full Cycle. At The End We Attempted To Stack All The Cups Into One Large Stack But It Fell Down Before We Finished. Oh Well. We'll Try Again Later. :) Students Remarked, "This Is Fun!" They Were Huffing And Puffing By The End. :).
    -- Elizabeth C. (Little Rock, AR United States)
  • Immaculate Conception School 156 Stackers
    I Began With Explaining What We Were Attempting To Accomplish; To Be Part Of A World Record. I Quickly Reviewed How To Stack (they Know From Previous Years) And I Divided My Class Into 6 Groups For A Quick Speed Stack/ Calisthenics Relay. After We Felt Warmed Up, Each Student Got Their Own Set Of 12 Stacks And Practiced Their Stacking. I Saw 3-3-3-, 3-6-3, Cycles, Push Up Stacks And Stacking With The Stacks Bottom Of The Cup Facing The Floor. It Was A GREAT TIME And They Are Very Anxious To Know Was The Record Broken!!!.
    -- Katherine H. (Annandale, NJ United States)
  • Brier Terrace Middle School 640 Stackers
    Our Middle School Students Had A Great Time!.
    -- Sue S. (Brier, WA United States)
  • Atlantis Elementary School 32 Stackers
    I Invited All Of My Safety Patrols To Start In The Courtyard At 7:30 And We Finished At 8:00 A.m. We Had Geo Mats In A Large Square With A 3-6-3 Stack On Each Mat. Two Partners Would Quickly Upstack And Downstack Their Cups And Then We Would Rotate To The Next Mat. Each Student Had A New Partner Throughout The Event And We Even Built A Large Triangle With Our Jumbo Cups! Our Principal, Cynthia Adams Was There To Witness Our Event And We Had A Great Time!!!.
    -- Andrew H. (Cocoa, FL United States)
  • Ms. Barnes 30 Stackers
    The Class Was Outside Having A Relay Race Stacking Cups On The Basketball Court..
    -- Angela B. (Parker, AZ United States)
  • KWS Bear Road Elementary 650 Stackers
    We Had 15 Different Stations Including Practice Stations, Timing Stations And Relay Races..
    -- Jon D. (North Syracuse, NY United States)
  • Payson Elementary 123 Stackers
    A Variety Of Seven Stations To Music. The Kids Loved It!!.
    -- Judy P. (Payson, AZ United States)
  • Oelwein High School 37 Stackers
    Oelwein High School In Oelwein Iowa Has Been Cup Stacking For The Past Week And A Half. We Learned How To Stack, Do The Cycle, And Competed In Tournaments. Students Also Did Giant Pyramids Where They Had To Make Designs Using The Different Colors Of Cups..
    -- Justin P. (Oelwein, IA United States)
  • Rutherfordton Elementary School 361 Stackers
    It Went Great. We Played Games, Competed Against Each Other And Had A Fantastic Day!!.
    -- Karen G. (RUTHERFORDTON, NC United States)
  • Longview Farm Elementary School 574 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day With All Of The Art Music And PE Classes Stacking During Class..
    -- Tiffini S. (Lee's Summit, MO United States)
  • Eucalyptus & Moran Hahoresh Pre School 56 Stackers
    We Did Pilates With Speed Stacks, Learned The 3-3 And Built A Huge Pyramid (until It Tumbled To The Floor)....
    -- Naama G. (Pardes Hanna, Israel)
  • Carl Wanke ES - Northside ISD 830 Stackers
    Kids Enjoyed All The Cup Stack Activities..
    -- Orlando B. (San Antonio, TX United States)
  • Caprock Elementary School 560 Stackers
    Students Collected Cans For A Local Charity And Came To The Gym To Participate In Cupstacking Activities..
    -- Robin M. (Fort Worth, TX United States)
  • Adams Elementary School 148 Stackers
    It Was An AMAZING DAY!!!!! My Students Loved Being Part Of This And Can't Wait Until Next Year!!!!.
    -- Ryan P. (Davenport, IA United States)
  • Northside Elementary School 41 Stackers
    41 Eager And Enthusiastic 4th Grade Stackers Who Want To Do It Again Next Year..
    -- Sandy R. (Chapel Hill, NC United States)
  • Las Colinas Elementary 582 Stackers
    All PE Classes K-5, All Teachers, Administrators, School Volunteers, And Pre-K Program Stacked Cups On 30 Minute Intervals. Every Student And Teacher Participated. We Used 50 Sets Of Stacking Cups In 3-6-3 Challenges..
    -- Kimbo R. (Irving, TX United States)
  • M. Gerald Teed Memorial School 195 Stackers
    We Approached This As A Whole School Activity (K-2). All 195 Students Participated In The 30 Minute Cup Stacking Relays Running 3-3-3. We Have Been Working On Our Cup Stacking Skills For The Past Week In Physical Education Classes And The World Record Challenge Was Seen By Our Students As The Highlight Of Our Cup Stacking Adventure. We Were Able To Run Each Of Our Ten Classes Through The Relays 10 Times Each, Allowing Our Students To Stack A Total Of 19500 Cups In A 30 Minute Period. The Students Thoroughly Enjoyed Themselves And All Wanted To Know If We Broke The World's Record....we Are All Anxiously Waiting To Hear..
    -- Mark C. (Saint John, NB Canada)
  • Watertown High School 100 Stackers
    Students Grades 9-12 Participated In Their P.E. Class.
    -- Lori P. (Watertown, NY United States)
  • Lake Holcombe Schools 152 Stackers
    We Participated In Group Stacking Games In The Commons. Pictures Were Taken By Various Teachers Who Said That They Were Going To Share Them On Our School Facebook Page..
    -- Tim S. (Holcombe, WI United States)
  • Cogburn Woods Elementary 405 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Great Time. I Shared With The Students The 2016 Guinness World Record Book. They Thought It Was Pretty Cool To See Speed Stacking In It As Well As Be A Part Of It. Thanks.
    -- Kris M. (Milton, Ga., GA United States)
  • Lucile Souders Elem 146 Stackers
    I Had Students Free Stack Through Out The Day. They Listened To Music And Tried Different Ways To Use The Stacks..
    -- Teresa M. (fayetteville, NC United States)
  • LANDMARK SCHOOL 170 Stackers
    All Students Came To Physical Education And Stacked For The Entire Class. One Half Of The Gym Was Set Up For Stacking Games And The Other Half Was Set Up For Stacking Relays And Activities..
    -- Cynthia F. (MANCHESTER, MA United States)
  • Highlands Elementary School 190 Stackers
    We Worked In Different Stations. Some Stations Were Stacker Relays, While Others Were Timed Activities..
    -- Dena H. (Highlands, NJ United States)
  • Highland Springs Elementary 461 Stackers
    My Students Look Forward To This Day Every Year And Can't Wait To Hear How Many People Actually Stack..
    -- Lucy T. (Highland Springs, VA United States)
  • Drayton Public School 97 Stackers
    We Had All Elementary Classes K-6 Meet In The Gym From 10-10:30 Am. I Had Stations Set Up That They Could Go To. Each Class Had A Competition Going, As Well As A Couple Other Competitions Open To All Grades. Winners At 10:30 Am Got A Special Certificate For Being The Fastest Stacker In That Competition. Our Students Had A Blast And Are Already Asking When We Can Do It Again!.
    -- Lindsay P. (Drayton, ND United States)
  • Lincoln Elementary School 230 Stackers
    We Played Two Games. Builders And Bulldozers Along With A 3-6-3 Relay. The Kids Had A Lot Of Fun And Got Really Sweaty!.
    -- Jennifer M. (Palatine, IL United States)
  • A. Maceo Walker 71 Stackers
    We Started Off With A Practice Round For 3-3-3 And Then We Did A Relay Race And End With A Elimination Game. Using 6-6.
    -- Marcus C. (Memphis, TN, TN United States)
  • Holly Elementary 155 Stackers
    The First Part Of Our Stack Up Time We Reviewed And Practiced Each Stack Type, Then Students Got To Free Stack And Race!.
    -- Jason M. (Holly, MI, MI United States)
  • Herman Ave. Elementary 150 Stackers
    We Did This Will All Of Our Classes That We Had During The Day K-6. The Kids Really Enjoyed It And Loved The Stickers!!.
    -- John T. (Auburn, NY United States)
  • Virginia CUSD #64 203 Stackers
    We Did Stacking Stations, It Worked Out Great..
    -- Abby W. (Virginia, IL United States)
  • P.S. 134Q- The Langston Hughes School 36 Stackers
    We Had Such A Fun Day. The Participants Were From Varied Age Groups From 5 To 11 Years Old. They All Did An Amazing Job. All The Classes That Took Part Were Special Education Students. It Was Set Up Like Relay Race That Had Different Skills, From Scooters, To Basketball Dribbling And Then Stacking. It Was A Very Successful Day..
    -- Stacey L. (Hollis, NY United States)
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