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2012_stackup STACK UP! Overview

2012_stackup STACK UP! Overview


STACK UP! started in New Zealand

Verification numbers should be coming in soon...

Keep track of STACK UP! as it moves around the world. First stop is New Zealand, last stop Hawaii! The number to beat: 0!

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  • Kinard Elementary 52 Stackers
    We Stacked During PE Classes For The Older Students And Also Before School..
    -- Nadine C. (Clover, SC United States)
  • Corinth Elementary School 50 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Blast..
    -- Rhonda C. (Gaffney, SC United States)
  • Endeavour Intermediate School 263 Stackers
    It Went Great Again! We Had Challenges And Tournaments With Prizes..
    -- Henry R. (Milton, WA United States)
  • William Monroe Middle School 130 Stackers
    During Dragon Time, Students Came To The Gym And Participated In A Three Different Stacking Stations. A Timed Stack, A Relay Race, And A Pyramid Race..
    -- Katherine M. (Stanardsville, VA United States)
  • Stansberry Elementary School 185 Stackers
    Kids Loved It! Super Fun And A First Time For This Schools! Races, Team Stacking, Personal Bests!.
    -- Geoff O. (Loveland, CO United States)
  • Morrish Elementary 48 Stackers
    I Had Third Graders Play "Builders And Bulldozers" And We Rotated Through Stations: Speedstack Relay, Speedstack 4 Square, Speedstack Challenge, And Speedstack Timer. Fifth Graders Played "Builders And Bulldozers" Then Stacked Six Cups, Challenging Others. The Last Activity We Did Was "King Or "Queen Of The Mountain..
    -- Terrilee P. (Swartz Creek, MI United States)
  • George Hildebrand Elementary School 319 Stackers
    We Did Large Group Activities In Each Grade Level Where We Used Cups To Stack And Play Games, As Well As Stacking Buckets..
    -- Meghan A. (Connelly Springs, NC, NC United States)
  • University Of Northern Iowa 112 Stackers
    12 University Physical Education Majors Worked With 100 Elementary Students In A Variety Of Speedstacking Activities..
    -- Rip M. (Cedar Falls, IA United States)
  • Attucks Elementary 155 Stackers
    We Stacked In Every PE Class..
    -- Carri K. (Kansas City, MO United States)
  • Agnor-Hurt Elementary School 350 Stackers
    Had A Super Day....wonderful To Watch The Head Start And Bright Star Kids Since Most Of Them Are Only 4 Years Old....they LOVED IT! :).
    -- Gwen H. (Charlottesville, VA United States)
  • Christ The King Catholic School 60 Stackers
    The Students Participated In Cup Relays, Builders And Bulldozers, Stack Tag, And Building Creative Towers. It Was A Blast!.
    -- Don F. (Wichita, KS United States)
  • Westwood Elementary School 138 Stackers
    The Students Enjoyed The Day Very Much. They Were Very Interested In Learning The Different Patterns. They Enjoyed The Timers And Competition With Each Other. Thank You For The Opportunity..
    -- Kevin M. (West Jefferson, NC United States)
  • Rosarian Academy 170 Stackers
    We Had The Entire Lower School Split Into Grade Level And Rotated Through 5 Different Activities With Speed Stacks! The Event Went From 12:00-12:45. It Was Amazing!!.
    -- Lindsey B. (West Palm Beach, FL United States)
  • Honey Creek Elementary 252 Stackers
    All Students Who Came To PE Today Participated. We Invited Extra Classes In To Reach Our Goal..
    -- Jane V. (Conyers, GA United States)
  • Mathews Elementary 500 Stackers
    We Did Different Sport Stacking Stations: Towers, Relays, And Timed Events.
    -- Carol B. (Plano, TX United States)
  • Glanton Hindsman Elementary 225 Stackers
    We Had Thanksgiving Lunch So I Ended Up With The Entire 2nd Grade (115 Students) In The Gym. So Students Took Turns Stacking And Exercing For The Exploratory Period..
    -- Mark C. (Villa Rica, GA United States)
  • Logan Junior High School 438 Stackers
    Went Great! The Students Were Very Excited To Be A Part Of STACK UP!.
    -- Chris A. (Princeton, IL United States)
  • Dix Street Elementary 305 Stackers
    It Was Great! The Kids Love To Speed Stack!.
    -- Mark R. (Otsego, MI United States)
  • Caprock Elementary School 560 Stackers
    Students Collected Cans For A Local Charity And Came To The Gym To Participate In Cupstacking Activities..
    -- Robin M. (Fort Worth, TX United States)
  • Shields Elementary 429 Stackers
    Students In All Grade Levels Played A Variety Of Games As Well As Practiced Stacking The Different Ways. Their Favorite Was Playing The Game Survivor And Stacking The Cycle..
    -- Dorthea H. (Glenn Heights, TX United States)
  • Teague Intermediate School 81 Stackers
    The Kids Loved It. I Had Stations Set Up Around The Gym Or They Could Build. I Normally Teach Cups In January, So This Was A Treat To The Students To Get To Use Early!!.
    -- Melanie C. (Teague, TX United States)
  • Digby Elementary School 175 Stackers
    All Grade 1-6 Phys Ed Classes Stacked During Their Phys Ed Class And After Individual Stacking, Students Worked As Teams To Share The Building Experience Of Huge Stack Ups. They Loved The Final Activity With The Biggest Stack They Could Build. This Was Repeated Every 30 Minutes With A Total Of 9 Classes..
    -- Karen S. (Digby, NS Canada)
  • Lively Elementary 739 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day Of Practice And Comepetions. We Also Made IPad Projects Teaching How To Cupstack. We Posted On Periscope And Twitter And Sent Info Home To Parents. Students Had A Blast!! They Were So Excited!!.
    -- Maresa M. (Irving, TX United States)
  • Atlantis Elementary School 32 Stackers
    I Invited All Of My Safety Patrols To Start In The Courtyard At 7:30 And We Finished At 8:00 A.m. We Had Geo Mats In A Large Square With A 3-6-3 Stack On Each Mat. Two Partners Would Quickly Upstack And Downstack Their Cups And Then We Would Rotate To The Next Mat. Each Student Had A New Partner Throughout The Event And We Even Built A Large Triangle With Our Jumbo Cups! Our Principal, Cynthia Adams Was There To Witness Our Event And We Had A Great Time!!!.
    -- Andrew H. (Cocoa, FL United States)
  • Shawsheen Elementary .. 150 Stackers
    Stacked All Day Had Competitions And Fitness Cup Stacking Activities Also Had An Obstacle Course.
    -- Christopher Z. (Greeley, CO United States)
  • Holy Cross School 341 Stackers
    We Had Five Stacking Activities Set Up In The Gym. The Classes Two At Time For 30 Minutes Each. They Ran Stacking Cup Relays, Timed Each Other On The 3-3-3 Stack And Played Some Other Stacking Activities..
    -- Linda D. (Rochester, NY United States)
  • Queens School Of Inquiry 25 Stackers
    We Had A Blast Stacking!!!.
    -- Liz M. (Flushing, NY United States)
  • Arland D. Williams Elementary School 715 Stackers
    All Of Our Physical Education Classes, K-5, Participated In Cupstacking Relays!.
    -- Angie H. (Mattoon, IL United States)
  • St. Paul's Lutheran School 68 Stackers
    We Got A Late Start Because The Local TV Station Showed Up. They Interviewed Teachers And Students And To Some Footage For The KOTA Evening News. FUN Was Had By ALL!.
    -- Bert B. (Rapid City, SD United States)
  • Denmark School District 28 Stackers
    Kids Loved It.
    -- Brian W. (denmark, WI United States)
  • Casey Park Elementary 270 Stackers
    Stacking Up Our Local Food Pantry As Well As Stacking All Day. Students Are Pumped!.
    -- William A. (Auburn, NY United States)
  • Arthur Stevenson Elementary School 43 Stackers
    -- Amanda Y. (Kamloops, BC Canada)
  • Kearney Middle School 285 Stackers
    All Of My PE Classes Participated. Had Stations Set Up That Students Could Choose From..
    -- Kristin G. (Commerce City, CO United States)
  • Meadowfields Community School 428 Stackers
    Our Students And Staff Stacked Throughout The School Day During PE Classes. We Even Found A Way To Include The Students Who Did Not Have PE Scheduled For Today. At Times Our Gymnasium Was Very Crowded, But We All Had One Goal In Mind And We Completed It..
    -- Lori M. (Yarmouth, NS Canada)
  • Illinois College 29 Stackers
    Had Various Physical Education Classes And Students Compete Against Each Other..
    -- Karen M. (Jacksonville, IL United States)
  • Tomahawk Elementary 245 Stackers
    Depending On Grade Level...we Introduced Speed Stacks To Kindergarteners....work On Competition Stacks With 1st And 2nd Graders......3rd-5th Graders We Had Timings, Relays, Games, And Head To Head Competition..
    -- Woody W. (Lynchburg, VA United States)
  • Orange Grove Charter School 275 Stackers
    We Taught The Younger Students A 3-3-3 And We Reviewed With The Older Students. Then, They Each Had A Chance To Practice And Time Themselves..
    -- Mandy R. (Charleston, SC United States)
  • Wilson Elementary School 122 Stackers
    We Do The Stack Up As Part Of Our After-school Program. The Different Groups Rotate Through The Stack Up Participating In Competitions And Relays..
    -- Shawn C. (honolulu, HI United States)
  • Austin Elementary 628 Stackers
    Our STACK UP! Day Was Awesome!.
    -- Carol S. (Abilene, TX United States)
  • Perry L. Drew 275 Stackers
    We Played Buliders And Bulldozers..
    -- Gabrielle C. (East Windsor, NJ United States)
  • R. Bruce Wagner Elementary 752 Stackers
    We Had Large Groups Stack At A Time So We Used Four Different Stacking Stations..
    -- Craig E. (Lakeland, FL United States)
  • Chautauqua Lake Central School 293 Stackers
    It Went Very Well. Kids Were Excited And We Are Looking Forward To Doing It Again.
    -- Joanne M. (Mayville, NY United States)
  • Boiling Springs Intermediate School 356 Stackers
    I Had Two Other Classes Join Me. We Each Have 5 Classes A Day So We Added It All To One. Pam Isbell's Class Joined Mine. So The Number Reflects All 3 Classes..
    -- David W. (Boiling Springs, SC United States)
  • Millers Creek Elementary 330 Stackers
    We Had Students To Compete In A 3-6-3 Competition..
    -- Chad M. (millers creek, NC United States)
  • South Daytona Elementary 242 Stackers
    We Did Several Stations Using Battle Stacks, Stack Up Timers, Metal Cups, And Mini Cups. We Also Did Jumbo Cup Stack And Tower Relays..
    -- Richard C. (South Daytona, FL United States)
  • C A Tatum 25 Stackers
    Students Came Together And Stacked.
    -- Kevin M. (Dallas, TX United States)
  • Hunter Elementary School 45 Stackers
    I Had A Local News Paper Come Out And Video Tape And Interview Our Kids. I Had 6 Stations And Rotated The Kids Through Each Station Every 7 Or 8 Minutes. I Had A Running Relay, Team Relay, Jumbo And Mini Cups, Timer, Create You Own, And A One One Station. It Was Held Before School..
    -- Josh M. (Raleigh, NC United States)
  • Melrose Park Elementary 201 Stackers
    Our Students Had Fun And Enjoy It Every Year.
    -- Mary Kay M. (Lake City, FL United States)
  • Peeples Elementary 56 Stackers
    We Have A Club That Meets On Thursday's. I Invited Some Staff Members To Join Us Stacking. It Was Great Fun!.
    -- Deborah F. (Fayetteville, GA United States)
  • Endeavour Elementary 207 Stackers
    Terrific Day! The Students Always Love Participating. Lots Of Smiles!.
    -- Justine F. (Vancouver, WA United States)
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