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2012_stackup STACK UP! Overview

2012_stackup STACK UP! Overview


STACK UP! started in New Zealand

Verification numbers should be coming in soon...

Keep track of STACK UP! as it moves around the world. First stop is New Zealand, last stop Hawaii! The number to beat: 0!

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  • Valley View Community School 175 Stackers
    Great Day With The Kids During PE Class. They Had So Much Fun..
    -- Tammy C. (Farmington, NH United States)
  • Port Maitland Elementary School 115 Stackers
    Went Very Well. Set Up 4 Centers And Had The Students Rotate Though In PE Class..
    -- Bob C. (Port Maitland, NS Canada)
  • Little Valley CSD 58 Stackers
    This Was Our First Time Participating In The STACK UP!. It Was Our Preschool Classes Who Competed With Each Other In A Relay As Well As Helped Build The Biggest Cup Tower They Have Ever Seen. Even A Police Officer And The Principle Competed Against Each Other In Front Of The Students And The Students Loved Seeing Their Principle Struggle Through It. We Had One Team Who Won Ribbons For Being First To Complete The Relay And Another Team Who Won Ribbons For Being Encouragers To The Other Members On The Team. We Loved Getting To Be Part Of Such A Big Event And I Hope This Is Just The Beginning For Our School!.
    -- Tara S. (Cattaraugus, NY United States)
  • Crab Orchard Elementary 320 Stackers
    Great Day Of Stacking! We Had Free Stacking With Grades Pre-k - 2 And Fetch 12 With Grades 3-5..
    -- Richard S. (Crab Orchard, WV United States)
  • French Elementary 306 Stackers
    Nine Student Classes Stacked During Their PE Classes. We Did Three Stations Where Students Could Stack At Tables, Play A Game Of Fetch 12 Or Stackers And Blasters, And Practice With Jumbo Cups. This Event Was From 9am-3pm. Later In The Evening, We Had A Family Night At School, Where Parents And Students Did Rotations Of Stacking Cups- Jumbos, Mini's And Regular Size. Everyone Had A Great Time!.
    -- Maria P. (Colorado Springs, CO United States)
  • Holliman School 70 Stackers
    Grade 5 And 6 Students Gathered I. The Gym During Physical Education Class Time, For An Hour. They Practiced With A Partner The 3-3-3 And 3-6-3, Then Could Record Their Times On The Event Time Sheet. The Kindergarten Class Was Separately Introduced To Up Stacking And Down Stacking With 3 Cups Each. Then Did 3-3-3 And As A Class Built A 36 Cup Pyramid!.
    -- Lorrie L. G. (Warwick, RI United States)
  • Tomahawk Elementary 245 Stackers
    Depending On Grade Level...we Introduced Speed Stacks To Kindergarteners....work On Competition Stacks With 1st And 2nd Graders......3rd-5th Graders We Had Timings, Relays, Games, And Head To Head Competition..
    -- Woody W. (Lynchburg, VA United States)
  • Ecole J.J.Joubert 60 Stackers
    Children Had Fun. They Appreciated The Activity. Thank You!.
    -- Marie-Josee L. (Laval, QC Canada)
  • York Elementary School 212 Stackers
    Students Did Cup Stacking In Gym Class. Tables Were Spread Out In The Gym With Different Pictures Placed On Them. Students Were At The Tables For 2 Minutes Building The Picture And After Two Minutes They Would Rotate To A New Table..
    -- Lori P. (Bristol, IN United States)
  • Montclair Elementary School 325 Stackers
    -- Liz S. (Omaha, NE United States)
  • Lake Ridge Elementary 188 Stackers
    Lots Of Fun~.
    -- Lindsey N. (Magna, UT United States)
  • Parkwood Heights Elementary School 110 Stackers
    Students Stacked For A Minimum Of 30 Minutes. For Some It Was Their Very First Time Stacking And They Loved It!.
    -- Debbie W. (Bathurst, NB Canada)
  • Westcliff Elementary Sportstacking Club 46 Stackers
    Stacked With 46 Of My 2nd Graders During PE Class. It Was Awesome!.
    -- Mark G. (Fort Worth, TX United States)
  • Coolidge Elementary 95 Stackers
    Everything Went Great. My Students Have Fallen In Love With Sport Stacking..
    -- Lanora B. (oklahoma city, OK United States)
  • Carl Wanke ES - Northside ISD 830 Stackers
    Kids Enjoyed All The Cup Stack Activities..
    -- Orlando B. (San Antonio, TX United States)
  • St. Stephen Middle School 114 Stackers
    We Had 114 Stackers Participate In 5 Different Classes Throughout The Day At St. Stephen Middle School! Some Stackers Participated In The Classroom, Some Were In The Cafeteria And Others Were In The Gym. A Great Time Was Had By All!!!!.
    -- Jennifer W. (St. Stephen, NB Canada)
  • Ben Calf Robe School 248 Stackers
    Our Stack Up! Day Was Wonderful. Students Stacked Alone, With Partners, For Speed, And In Relay Reces Using Jumbo Stacks. We Also Collected Items For The Local Food Bank!.
    -- Roberta W. (Edmonton, AB Canada)
  • Shearer Elementary School 123 Stackers
    We Participated In STACK UP By Stacking During Our PE Classes. At One Time We Had Three Classes Stacking Together! Our Older Students Had The Opportunity To Work With Our Younger Students In This Activity..
    -- Mechelle H. (Winchester, KY United States)
  • Carder Elementary School 400 Stackers
    We Had Our Physical Education Classes Do Relays Working On Various Down Stacking And Up Stacking Patterns. Then To Get Everyone Involved We Had Everyone Stacking During Their Recess Time Doing Various Relays With The Jumbo Stackers..
    -- Lori F. (Corning, NY United States)
  • George Hildebrand Elementary School 319 Stackers
    We Did Large Group Activities In Each Grade Level Where We Used Cups To Stack And Play Games, As Well As Stacking Buckets..
    -- Meghan A. (Connelly Springs, NC, NC United States)
  • Benjamin Franklin Elementary 125 Stackers
    The Entire 4th Grade Participated Together And The 2 Classes From The 5th & 6th Grade Joined As Well!.
    -- Michael P. (Philadelphia, PA United States)
  • Shvilim Elementary School 99 Stackers
    Third Graders Learned The 3 And 6 Stack And Fourth Graders Practiced Cycle Stacking And Worked On Exercises While Practicing English And Math In English At Stations..
    -- Naama G. (Pardes Hanna, Israel)
  • Timber Ridge Elem 114 Stackers
    Students Enjoyed Stacking And Some Friendly Competition With Other Students And Me (the PE Teacher) As They Came To PE! It Was A Fun Day!.
    -- Tonya B. (McDonough, GA United States)
  • Prairie View Elementary 400 Stackers
    We Had A Great Time And Shared Our Experience On Twitter And Periscope All Morning #Stackup2015 @pvhawkspe.
    -- Ryan W. (Spokane, WA United States)
  • Edgewood Elementary 168 Stackers
    We Played A Speed Stack Relay Variation Where The Students Did Continuous Stacking For Most Of The Stacking Period..
    -- Joe G. (Yardley, PA United States)
  • KWS Bear Road Elementary 650 Stackers
    We Had 15 Different Stations Including Practice Stations, Timing Stations And Relay Races..
    -- Jon D. (North Syracuse, NY United States)
  • The Katherine Thomas High School 34 Stackers
    Students Completed Stations Around The Gymnasium Including King Of The Stack, The Cup Song, Timing 333 And 363 Stations, Monster Cups, And Stacking Around The World. Our School Includes Only Students With Autism, And Other Learning Disabilities. They All Loved Cup Stacking!.
    -- Erin C. (Rockville, MD United States)
  • Webster Elementary School 200 Stackers
    We Did Rotating Stations Of Different Types Of Stacks And Races..
    -- Karri S. (Watertown, WI United States)
  • Longview Farm Elementary School 574 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day With All Of The Art Music And PE Classes Stacking During Class..
    -- Tiffini S. (Lee's Summit, MO United States)
  • Williamsburg Elementary 164 Stackers
    This Year I Had Relay Races. The Kids Then Used Different Movements To Get To The Other End.Jog...army Crawl...bear Crawl..crab Walk...it Went Well.
    -- Theresa O. (Williamsburg, MO United States)
  • Stansberry Elementary School 185 Stackers
    Kids Loved It! Super Fun And A First Time For This Schools! Races, Team Stacking, Personal Bests!.
    -- Geoff O. (Loveland, CO United States)
  • Kenny Community School 472 Stackers
    Kids Were So Excited To Be A Part Of Stack Up Again! This Was Our 10th Year!.
    -- Jennifer J. (Minneapolis, MN United States)
  • PS 201Q - APE Program 27 Stackers
    My Special Needs Students Had A Blast Today! They Were Very Excited About Being Part Of Something Special!.
    -- Dinah M. (Flushing, NY United States)
  • Fairbanks Elementary 148 Stackers
    Kids Liked The Idea Of Being Part Of The Guinness World Records.
    -- Stephanie F. (Milford Center, OH United States)
  • New Sweden School 56 Stackers
    We Had An Awesome Day And Played 5 Cup Stacking Games. The School Opened Up With The Game Fetch 12 With Four Teams. I Created Game Called Cup Biathlon And The Students Had A Blast. The Students Had A Team Of Four And They Completed Against Each Other As A Relay. The Student Had To Stack A 3-6-3 And Then Throw A Yarn Ball From 10 Feet Way. If The Student Miss They Had To Run A Penalty Lap. The First Team Done Sit Down To Determine The Winner. Then We Did A 3 Stack Relay Set And Set Down. We Also Played The Of Survivor And And At The End Student Stacked Cups Around The Principle..
    -- Thomas B. (New Sweden, ME United States)
  • Macksville Grade School 108 Stackers
    We Had 12 Stations With A Variety Of Stacking And Exercises For The Students To Participate In. I Had High School Students Help The Younger Students With The Stations..
    -- Joyce M. (Macksville, KS United States)
    Had 3 Stations Set Up- Relay Race, Stacking On Tables, Statue Stacking From The Floor. Had Students Rotate Every 10 Minutes To Each Station..
    -- RONALD M. (PRESQUE ISLE, ME United States)
  • Packinghouse Christian Academy 35 Stackers
    Lots Of Relays With Both Jumbo And Regular Cups. Kids Had A Blast!!.
    -- Suzie C. (Redlands, CA United States)
  • Rosarian Academy 170 Stackers
    We Had The Entire Lower School Split Into Grade Level And Rotated Through 5 Different Activities With Speed Stacks! The Event Went From 12:00-12:45. It Was Amazing!!.
    -- Lindsey B. (West Palm Beach, FL United States)
  • Roquemore/Jones Academy 626 Stackers
    We Had A Fantastic Day. Kids Had Fun! They All Signed A Poster That They Participated In National Cupstacking Day!.
    -- Allison L. (Arlington, TX United States)
  • Gibson Elementary School 103 Stackers
    -- Michael S. (Winston-Salem, NC United States)
  • South Lexington Primary 78 Stackers
    I Have Pre-K And Kindergarten PE Classes And We Taught Them The 3 Stack And Then We Did Timed Races Against The Other Classes In The School To Beat Their Time. I Set Out 150 3 Stacks All Over The PE Room And They Had To Stack Them All Up And Then Run Back To The Line. Then They Down Stacked. Then We Did Team Races..
    -- Steve L. (Lexington, NC United States)
  • Henley Elementary School 450 Stackers
    We Played Two Cup Stacking Games, Had Free Time To Explore The Stacking Cycle, Challenge Time, Got Our Stickers And Had A Great Day!.
    -- Meghan S. (Klamath Falls, OR United States)
  • Kinard Elementary 52 Stackers
    We Stacked During PE Classes For The Older Students And Also Before School..
    -- Nadine C. (Clover, SC United States)
  • Science Hall Elementary 50 Stackers
    We Had The Students Practice Building A 6 Stack, And Then We Also Played Bulldozers And Builders Together. We Did This With Two Of Our Second Grad Classes. They Loved It! We Had Done Our Cupstacking Unit Like 4 Weeks Ago, So It Was A Good Chance For Them To Review And Practice Their Skills..
    -- Amber H. (Kyle, TX United States)
  • Lewis Greenview Elementary School 26 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Great Time And Are Anxious To Work On Doing It In Class Again. I Gave Them Information On How To Find Stacks For Themselves..
    -- Sandy B. (Columbia, SC United States)
    It Was A Wild And Fun Day!! We Did Some Games From The Speed Stackers Teacher's Guide. The Kids Had Fun..
    -- KATHY N. (DRUMRIGHT, OK United States)
  • Canyon View Elementary 648 Stackers
    We Had All Students That Were Present At School Come And Stack During Their Specials Time. We Also Sent Out Flyers To Include As Many Friends And Parents Possible..
    -- Sue S. (Kennewick, WA United States)
  • Cottonwood Plains Elementary School 236 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Blast! Team Stacking And Individual Records To Make It Even Better!!.
    -- Geoff O. (Fort Collins, CO United States)
  • Tefen Elementary School 115 Stackers
    Two Middle School Stackers Came To The Elementary Kids And Showed Them How They Stack And Then Taught Them At Several Stations..
    -- Ido M. (Kfar Vradim, Israel)
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