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2012_stackup STACK UP! Overview

2012_stackup STACK UP! Overview


STACK UP! started in New Zealand

Verification numbers should be coming in soon...

Keep track of STACK UP! as it moves around the world. First stop is New Zealand, last stop Hawaii! The number to beat: 0!

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  • Shawsheen Elementary .. 150 Stackers
    Stacked All Day Had Competitions And Fitness Cup Stacking Activities Also Had An Obstacle Course.
    -- Christopher Z. (Greeley, CO United States)
  • Loch Lomond School 352 Stackers
    We Had A Great Time. Loud Music FUN Other Staff Members Also Stacked To Bring The Number Up..
    -- Robert C. (Saint John, NB Canada)
  • Tomahawk Elementary 245 Stackers
    Depending On Grade Level...we Introduced Speed Stacks To Kindergarteners....work On Competition Stacks With 1st And 2nd Graders......3rd-5th Graders We Had Timings, Relays, Games, And Head To Head Competition..
    -- Woody W. (Lynchburg, VA United States)
  • Teague Intermediate School 81 Stackers
    The Kids Loved It. I Had Stations Set Up Around The Gym Or They Could Build. I Normally Teach Cups In January, So This Was A Treat To The Students To Get To Use Early!!.
    -- Melanie C. (Teague, TX United States)
  • Anastasia Elementary School 603 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day! What A Super Experience!.
    -- Tracey C. (Long Branch, NJ United States)
  • Nevitt School 25 Stackers
    We Began With A Warm Up Of 3-2-1, Then Did A Variety Of Other Stacks. We Did Relays, Competitions, Stack To Music And Ended With A Snack..
    -- Brenda C. (Phoenix, AZ United States)
  • Widukind Gymnasium Enger 67 Stackers
    We Did The 3-3-3 Double With Changing Hands. Every Participant Had To Chose A New Double Partner: A Student Or A Teacher. A Lot Of Fun For Everybody!.
    -- Andrea K. (Enger, Germany)
  • Las Colinas Elementary 582 Stackers
    All PE Classes K-5, All Teachers, Administrators, School Volunteers, And Pre-K Program Stacked Cups On 30 Minute Intervals. Every Student And Teacher Participated. We Used 50 Sets Of Stacking Cups In 3-6-3 Challenges..
    -- Kimbo R. (Irving, TX United States)
  • Rose Hill Elementary 142 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day! We Warmed Up With The Exercise Spots And Watched The Movie "Stacker" While We Stacked..
    -- Daniel S. (Commerce City, CO United States)
  • Highland Oaks Elementary 200 Stackers
    We Did Six Stack Partner Races With Grades 3,4,and 5. Three Stack Partner Races With Grades K,1,and 2..
    -- Jeff P. (Memphis, TN United States)
  • Liberty Elementary 525 Stackers
    Great Day! We Had Lots Of Stack Stations For The Stackers. They Got To Choose Their Favorite Ways Of Stacking..
    -- Melissa S. (Franklin, TN United States)
  • Westwood Elementary School 138 Stackers
    The Students Enjoyed The Day Very Much. They Were Very Interested In Learning The Different Patterns. They Enjoyed The Timers And Competition With Each Other. Thank You For The Opportunity..
    -- Kevin M. (West Jefferson, NC United States)
  • Williamsburg Elementary 164 Stackers
    This Year I Had Relay Races. The Kids Then Used Different Movements To Get To The Other End.Jog...army Crawl...bear Crawl..crab Walk...it Went Well.
    -- Theresa O. (Williamsburg, MO United States)
  • Crab Orchard Elementary 320 Stackers
    Great Day Of Stacking! We Had Free Stacking With Grades Pre-k - 2 And Fetch 12 With Grades 3-5..
    -- Richard S. (Crab Orchard, WV United States)
  • Queens School Of Inquiry 25 Stackers
    We Had A Blast Stacking!!!.
    -- Liz M. (Flushing, NY United States)
  • Macksville Grade School 108 Stackers
    We Had 12 Stations With A Variety Of Stacking And Exercises For The Students To Participate In. I Had High School Students Help The Younger Students With The Stations..
    -- Joyce M. (Macksville, KS United States)
  • St. Stephen Middle School 114 Stackers
    We Had 114 Stackers Participate In 5 Different Classes Throughout The Day At St. Stephen Middle School! Some Stackers Participated In The Classroom, Some Were In The Cafeteria And Others Were In The Gym. A Great Time Was Had By All!!!!.
    -- Jennifer W. (St. Stephen, NB Canada)
  • Carder Elementary School 400 Stackers
    We Had Our Physical Education Classes Do Relays Working On Various Down Stacking And Up Stacking Patterns. Then To Get Everyone Involved We Had Everyone Stacking During Their Recess Time Doing Various Relays With The Jumbo Stackers..
    -- Lori F. (Corning, NY United States)
  • Christ The King Catholic School 60 Stackers
    The Students Participated In Cup Relays, Builders And Bulldozers, Stack Tag, And Building Creative Towers. It Was A Blast!.
    -- Don F. (Wichita, KS United States)
  • Seeger High School 216 Stackers
    We Had Stations This Year. We Hit All 5 Components Of Fitness With Our Stations And Had A Selfie Station!.
    -- Diane H. (West Lebanon, IN United States)
  • C A Tatum 25 Stackers
    Students Came Together And Stacked.
    -- Kevin M. (Dallas, TX United States)
  • Valley View Community School 175 Stackers
    Great Day With The Kids During PE Class. They Had So Much Fun..
    -- Tammy C. (Farmington, NH United States)
  • Carpenter Elementary School 208 Stackers
    Students Were Very Excited To Be Part Of This Event!.
    -- Lisa C. (Ann Arbor, MI United States)
  • Arland D. Williams Elementary School 715 Stackers
    All Of Our Physical Education Classes, K-5, Participated In Cupstacking Relays!.
    -- Angie H. (Mattoon, IL United States)
  • Texas Avenue School 52 Stackers
    I Had The Students Come In Before School From 7:30 Until 8:15 Am. We Had A Stacking Tournament In The Gym..
    -- Julie L. (Atlantic City, NJ United States)
  • University Of Northern Iowa 112 Stackers
    12 University Physical Education Majors Worked With 100 Elementary Students In A Variety Of Speedstacking Activities..
    -- Rip M. (Cedar Falls, IA United States)
  • Reeves-Hinger Elementary 640 Stackers
    We Had Two Gyms Going With 35-35 Students Every 30 Minutes. We Did Everything From Stack Mats, To Jumbo Cups, To Solo Cups, To Free Style, To Partner Stacking. It Was A Great Day !.
    -- Linda N. (Canyon, TX United States)
  • Murray Elementary School/ Fort Stewart/Dodea Dist 130 Stackers
    Great Day Kids Love The Stickers.
    -- Bobby C. (Fort Stewart, Ga, GA United States)
  • Finland Elementary 175 Stackers
    I Had All 2nd Graders And There Teachers Along With Some Extra Participants Stacking At The Same Time!.
    -- Mark E. (Columbus, OH United States)
  • Conner Street Elementary 115 Stackers
    Students Competed In A Class Vs. Class Minute To Win It Competition And Also They Competed In A 3-3-3 Stack Challenge..
    -- Teddy S. (Hurricane, WV United States)
  • Kenny Community School 472 Stackers
    Kids Were So Excited To Be A Part Of Stack Up Again! This Was Our 10th Year!.
    -- Jennifer J. (Minneapolis, MN United States)
  • Pine Valley Elementary School 150 Stackers
    We Did Relays, Fitness And Had Lots Of Fun. We Even Sent Some Tweets Out..
    -- Ann S. (Wilmington, NC United States)
  • Princess Elizabeth School 160 Stackers
    We Had Stations Around The Gym That Students Participated In And Had A Lot Of Un!.
    -- Amanda M. (Saint John, NB Canada)
  • McNab Elementary 25 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Blast With The Cup Stacking Challenge!!!.
    -- Kaye P. (POMPANO BEACH, FL United States)
  • Watertown High School 28 Stackers
    Kids Just Enjoyed The Opportunity To Be A Part Of A Larger Experience..
    -- Scott W. (Watertown, SD United States)
  • Boiling Springs Intermediate School 356 Stackers
    I Had Two Other Classes Join Me. We Each Have 5 Classes A Day So We Added It All To One. Pam Isbell's Class Joined Mine. So The Number Reflects All 3 Classes..
    -- David W. (Boiling Springs, SC United States)
  • French Elementary 306 Stackers
    Nine Student Classes Stacked During Their PE Classes. We Did Three Stations Where Students Could Stack At Tables, Play A Game Of Fetch 12 Or Stackers And Blasters, And Practice With Jumbo Cups. This Event Was From 9am-3pm. Later In The Evening, We Had A Family Night At School, Where Parents And Students Did Rotations Of Stacking Cups- Jumbos, Mini's And Regular Size. Everyone Had A Great Time!.
    -- Maria P. (Colorado Springs, CO United States)
  • Beech Hill Elementary School 500 Stackers
    We Had Students In Grades K-5 Doing All Kids Of Stacking Activities!!! We Practiced Our Techniques And Even Had Competitions To See Who Could Stack The Fastest!.
    -- Kara M. (Summerville, SC United States)
  • Highlands Elementary School 190 Stackers
    We Worked In Different Stations. Some Stations Were Stacker Relays, While Others Were Timed Activities..
    -- Dena H. (Highlands, NJ United States)
  • Lake Holcombe Schools 152 Stackers
    We Participated In Group Stacking Games In The Commons. Pictures Were Taken By Various Teachers Who Said That They Were Going To Share Them On Our School Facebook Page..
    -- Tim S. (Holcombe, WI United States)
  • Strode Station Elementary 150 Stackers
    Students Did A Variety Of Relays, Station Work And Games..
    -- Troy H. (winchester, KY United States)
  • Shvilim Elementary School 99 Stackers
    Third Graders Learned The 3 And 6 Stack And Fourth Graders Practiced Cycle Stacking And Worked On Exercises While Practicing English And Math In English At Stations..
    -- Naama G. (Pardes Hanna, Israel)
  • Arthur Stevenson Elementary School 43 Stackers
    -- Amanda Y. (Kamloops, BC Canada)
  • Rutherfordton Elementary School 361 Stackers
    It Went Great. We Played Games, Competed Against Each Other And Had A Fantastic Day!!.
    -- Karen G. (RUTHERFORDTON, NC United States)
  • Sunset Valley Elementary 166 Stackers
    Students Had A Blast. I Even Had My Record Holder From Years Ago Come And Stack After She Got Out Of School..
    -- Karen R. (Lees Summit, MO United States)
  • Montgomery Middle School 34 Stackers
    The Students LOVED It And Are Asking For More.
    -- Sheila H. (Coquitlam, BC Canada)
  • New Cesarea Elementary 335 Stackers
    As The Finale To A Week Of Stacking At School, All Of The Students Had An Hour Together To Break Personal Records And Have Fun..
    -- Nitsan E. (Cesarea, Israel)
  • Horse Heaven Hills 487 Stackers
    We Had More Had A Great Day Of Cup Stacking Stations. We Had More Stackers Than Anticipated Because Another Teacher And His Decided To Join Us For Our Day Of Stacking. Giving Us About 130 More Stackers!.
    -- Lisa M. (Kennewick, WA United States)
  • Thomas Russell Middle School 51 Stackers
    Music, Snacks, Stackers, And Fun!.
    -- Krissa B. (Milpitas, CA United States)
    The Students Had A Blast..
    -- DAVE M. (KILLEEN, TX United States)
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