Rules Update

Date: Oct 25, 2018

Another new sport stacking season has begun and here are some announcements from the WSSA Rules Committee:

Version 7.6 of the WSSA rulebook has been posted and includes some important changes, updates and clarifications. These new rules take effect November 1, 2018. Here is a summary of the changes that stackers should be aware of:

  • Stackers sometimes take their hands off the Timer too quickly - before the green light comes on, which indicates that the Timer is armed. The section on Equipment Failure was updated to clarify that stackers are responsible for making sure the Timer is armed before they start stacking. Stackers who start stacking without first arming the Timer will sacrifice the attempt.
  • Testing the Timer before and between attempts is now explicitly permitted, as long as no stacking occurs during the test.
  • The definition for Foot Fault was amended to clarify that “both feet” of the waiting stacker must be in contact with ground.
  • Some stackers have been abusing the process of fixing their fumbles by doing unnecessary stacking, in an attempt to gain more warm-up time. This is now explicitly prohibited and will result in the loss of the next attempt.
  • To reduce problems with absenteeism, Timed 3-6-3 and Head to Head Relay Teams may now have up to 6 stackers. Only four stackers compete in each race, but substitutions may be made between races.
  • The Masters age divisions were expanded and adjusted to accommodate the growing number of adult stackers competing in these divisions.
  • A clarification was added to the Apparel rules to allow medically necessary apparel that would otherwise be disallowed.

Last year, WSSA sponsor Speed Stacks introduced PS2x series cups in response to stackers calls for a “printing-free” cup. These cups are now the cups of choice for most top stackers. Because they have effectively solved the cup printing issue, the WSSA will resume enforcement of the rule requiring cups to have their original printing in good condition beginning January 1, 2019. Please make sure that all cups you use at tournaments conform with the rule:

All cups used at WSSA events must have original printing that is clearly visible and in good condition. This rule applies to all cups in a set. Attempts using non-allowed cups will be scratched during video review, regardless of whether or not the cups were flagged as a problem at the event.

Thanks everyone – have a great sport stacking season!

WSSA Rules Committee


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