Scavenger-huntAAU Junior Olympic Games Sport Stacking Championships

Scavenger Hunt

To be eligible for prizes, participants must document completed tasks by posting a photo or a short video to Instagram using the #STACKingscavengers2106. For extra points, the photo/video should contain a variety of different stackers. In order to be entered into the contest Instagram posts MUST include the hashtags #STACKingscavengers2016 and most importantly, a hashtag of your name (Ex. #speedstacksinc)

Contest ends Friday at Noon 7/29.

Have fun!

List of challenges to digitally capture for points.

  • Stacking at Minute Maid Park.
  • Planking on a set of Jumbo Stacks.
  • Teaching a waiter / waitress or Host/Hostess a 3-3-3 stack.
  • participating in a human 3-6-3 stack.
  • Stacking at the Downtown Aquarium.
  • Create the USA Sport Stacking Logo using cups and people.
  • Having your cup signed by Caleb Limberg
  • Asking a 6U stacker for their autograph.
  • Find an interesting sculpture and create an interesting stack with you and your cups alongside the artwork.
  • Two stackers or teams at one table- side by side with the EXACT same time displayed (down to the thousandths) on both tournament displays.

Winners will be announced and awarded Saturday morning 7/30.

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