Jro-challengeAAU Junior Olympic Games Sport Stacking Championships

JRO Challenge

Teams will be formed using the top 32 male and top 32 female stackers based on the cycle times from the first round of prelims to create 16 highly competitive teams consisting of the top male and female stackers of the morning. Each team will consist of 2 male and 2 female stackers. Alternates will not be placed on these teams. These teams will compete in a dual bracketed, double elimination, H-T-H Cycle tournament. The final 2 teams from each bracket will advance to the semi-finals on Saturday at the STACK OF CHAMPIONS. All are invited to watch this Speed Stacks JRO Games Challenge to see which team can earn bragging rights as the fastest at the AAU Junior Olympic Games.

Note: Teams will be formed by the WSSA during the lunch break on Friday and those stackers will meet at 2:00 pm the same day for practice followed by the preliminary rounds of competition.

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