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WSSA 2021
We will display the events you select on your tournament's page, this will also enable/disable sections for online registration if it is offered. Please keep in mind stackers may register or not register depending on what events you offer. If you have stackers who have already registered be mindful if you decide to remove events as stackers may be expecting them.

Individuals - 3-3-3

Individual - 3-6-3

Individual - Cycle

Doubles - Age Division

Doubles - Child / Parent

Relay - Timed

Relay - Head To Head

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Online Registration (Optional)

The WSSA offers optional online registration as part of your competition. Stackers can register online and that information will sync to "StackTrack" that you will use to run your competition.

I want to offer online registration

Online registration will use your "Registration" specified dates and fees. It will begin on your "Start Date" and turn off after your "Close Date". If you have set a late fee the price will adjust automatically on the date you specified.


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