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New Overall World Record

Wednesday, Dec 31st, 1969

The world record for Doubles has returned to Germany. Timo Reuhl and Ryan Powell, both members of Team Germany, beat the previous record by 0.25 seconds.

Reuhl and Powell hit an astonishing 6.53 seconds for the Doubles Cycle Stack on September 29, 2012 at the Bavarian Open Sport Stacking Championships in Speichersdorf, Germany.

This record has a history of being a volley between American and German stackers. It was most recently held by Team USA members William Polly and Dominic Valerian with a time of 6.78 seconds.

Congratulations to Team Germany for reclaiming this world record title!

Doubles World Record Video


World Records

  Male Female
Event Time Name / Year Time Name / Year
3-3-3 1.418 William Orrell (2015) 1.631 CHU-CHUN YANG (2014)
3-6-3 1.840 Josh Hainsel (2015) 2.054 Chu-Chun Yang (2014)
Cycle 5.000 William Orrell (2015) 5.564 Chu-Chun Yang (2014)
  Male & Female Combined
Doubles 6.281 Si Woo Kim & Jae Ho Jung / 2014
3-6-3 Relay 12.558 FANTASTIC FOUR / OPEN / 2014
Chandler Miller
William Orrell
William Polly
Zhewei Wu
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