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International Challenge

Due to satellite locations, this year's International Challenge will run using the following format:

  • How it will work:
    • This will be a Cycle Double Elimination Bracket
    • Each country will choose 1 Team (4-6 stackers) made up of only National Team stackers, these need to be set before any competition begins. Please email your International Challenge Team to prior to your competition.
    • This is going to be a 16-team bracket which is a maximum of 9 matches for the winner. This means that at each satellite location, each International Challenge team completes and records data for 2 relay races per match (9 matches x 2 races per match = 18 races that need to be recorded on site).
    • After WSSC is complete around the world, team times starting with the first attempt are put into the bracket in the order that they are completed until they win the bracket or are eliminated. If you have a BYE in the first round your Match #1 times will be used in Round #2 or in other words, the first Match you compete against another team.
    • Each race is matched up by attempt. If the score is 1-1 after the 2 races, the fastest time of those 2 races is the winning team and if both teams scratch both Races we will use the team's overall fastest time.
    • Definition of "Overall Fastest Time"
      • A team's fastest recorded time from all Matches (even future matches), whether it was used in a match with another team or not. This ensures each team (even those with a BYE) have the same number of times used in calculating their "Overall Fastest Time".
    • No penalty points - if you scratch you get a 999
  • Print one time sheet per country at your Satellite Location:

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