How-to-form-teamsAAU Junior Olympic Games Sport Stacking Championships

How to Form Teams

Stackers may compete in all or a portion of the events available to them. In order to have a "complete" Sport Stacking experience, we encourage ALL participants to compete in ALL events! That means joining a Relay Team! If you need help finding a Relay Team, indicate that on your registration and we will help to match you up with a team!
  • Form a 4 (or 5 or 6) person Relay Team with your friends.
  • Ask a parent or coach to be your Relay Team Coordinator.
  • With the help of your Relay Team Coordinator, choose a fun and positive team name and create a team t-shirt/uniform (optional).
  • Partner with a Stacker on your Relay Team to form a Doubles Team. (Note: Although Doubles partners typically come from the same Relay Team, they don't have to.)
  • In addition, ask one of your parents to be on your Child/Parent Doubles Team at no extra charge.
  • Have your parents communicate with your Relay Team Coordinator.
  • Register for Individuals and Doubles competition.
  • Attend Relay Team practices and understand the WSSA rules.
  • Compete with your Relay Team at the event.

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