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2009 STACK UP! sets new Guinness World Record

From Malaysia to Maryland, sport stackers from around the world gathered on Guinness World Records Day to set a new mark for "Most People Sport Stacking at Multiple Locations in One Day."

They stacked in school gymnasiums, on playgrounds, in hospitals, libraries, and even at a horse shelter. Using specially designed plastic cups called Speed StacksĀ®, stackers raced against the clock, competed in relays and stacked in a variety of fitness activities for at least 30 minutes. The number to beat: 222,560. The record-setting count being submitted to Guinness stands at 276,053 representing 1,252 schools and organizations from 24 different countries. All 50 states in the US were represented.

"We hoped to reach a quarter million, and we cruised right past that," said Mark Lingle, Director of the World Sport Stacking Association, which organized the event. "Next year we'll shoot for 300,000."

We do not list participating countries and organizations prior to online verification which was implemented in 2010.

STACK UP! Stamp of Approval

Participating organizers don't forget to download your 2009 WSSA STACK UP! Stamp of Approval as a keepsake of this year's record-setting event. Create one for your School / Organization and for each Participant if you like!

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