2018 STACK UP! Overview


Guinness World Records Day

Stack with 635,000+ people around the globe to Help Break A Guinness World Records Title!

Participating Countries (25)

  • United States (556,055)
  • Canada (32,782)
  • Israel (3,455)
  • Spain (2,282)
  • Romania (2,148)
  • United Kingdom (2,094)
  • Hungary (2,031)
  • China (1,134)
  • Taiwan ROC (1,051)
  • Korea (818)
  • India (690)
  • Poland (639)
  • Germany (465)
  • Switzerland (451)
  • Singapore (398)
  • New Zealand (393)
  • Philippines (301)
  • Malaysia (248)
  • Japan (219)
  • South Africa (194)
  • Hong Kong (180)
  • Egypt (100)
  • Kazakhstan (94)
  • Denmark (79)
  • Serbia (69)

Verifications are continuing to come in...

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  • Frostwood Elementary 350 Stackers
    Every PE Class Practiced Cup Stacking And Had Games And Relays.
    -- Marion T. (Houston, TX United States)
  • Cardinal Léger School 48 Stackers
    I Started Speed Stacking 2 Years Ago During My PE Classes. As The Kids At School Loved The Activity, I Decided To Start A Practice After School. When I Saw This Challenge, I Jumped In To Participate And Motivate My Kids More And Give Them A Chance To Be Among Those Who Took Part To Break A World Guinness Record. .
    -- Essaid H. (Saint-Laurent, QC Canada)
  • Lakewood Elementary 25 Stackers
    What A Blast! We Did Relays With Big Cups. 6 Groups- Up Stack, Next Person Down Stacked. Then We Did 2 Sets Of 3 Big Cups Each. Then Added Jump Ropes. We Had 2 Tables With Timers And The Battle Stack. Kids Had A Blast..
    -- Lori C. (white lake, MI United States)
  • Jasper Middle School 100 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Blast! We Had Our Own Competition, And Then A "stack Off". .
    -- Jill W. (Jasper, IN United States)
  • Spring Forge Intermediate 25 Stackers
    Team Stack Races. Completed A Tournament Style Race Across The Gymnasium..
    -- Corbett L. (Manchester, PA United States)
  • North Park Montessori 79 Stackers
    We Reviewed The 6 Stack From Previous Years And Played SwitchBack For A Bit. We Then Reviewed Upstacking A 10 Stack And Played Stack Bowling. The Kids Had A Blast!.
    -- Kellie K. (Grand Rapids, MI United States)
  • Lakota Local Schools/Shawnee Early Childhood School 81 Stackers
    My Kids Loved Speed Stacking And Being Part Of The World Record Attempt! .
    -- Tracy H. (Cincinnati, OH United States)
  • Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy 37 Stackers
    The Classes Did Stacking During Their PE Time. All Students Either Were Stacking Speed Stacking. I Had 8 7th Graders, 7 8th Graders, 11 6th Graders, And 11 5th Graders. The Other Students Were At Golf Today. All Students Had A Great Time. The Total Number Of Cups Stacked To Was 1,876..
    -- Michael S. (Clearwater, FL United States)
  • Prospect Elementary 407 Stackers
    Wonderful Day, Lots Of Fun!.
    -- Leesa T. (SEYMOUR, TN United States)
  • Kessler Elementray School 112 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day Even Had Teachers Join In On The Fun..
    -- Bobby C. (Fort Stewart, GA United States)
  • Buffalo Point Elementary 1001 Stackers
    We Did Relays, Exercises And Had A Great Time.
    -- Keri K. (Syracuse, UT United States)
  • South Preston School 292 Stackers
    We Had A Great Time. The Middle School And Elementary School Combined To Do Stacking Relays And Games..
    -- Brenda M. (Tunnelton, WV United States)
  • Salem Elementary 387 Stackers
    Kids Love It And Look Forward To It Each Year. Since I Purchased The Entire Set Years Ago, I Usually Give The Fastest Stacker The Set Of Cups Given Out By Your Company. .
    -- Barbara M. (Columbus, OH United States)
  • Westport Elementary School 120 Stackers
    A Fun Lunch Recess Activity!.
    -- Amy T. (Westport, MA United States)
  • Dakota Montessori School 43 Stackers
    Our 1st Through 6th Grade Students Started Their Day In The Gym Stacking With Cups Brought From Home, School Cups And Jumbos. .
    -- Nathan J. (Fargo, ND United States)
  • Oconto Falls Elementary School 301 Stackers
    Played Survivor, One Of My 1st Grade Students Left The Gym And Said That Was The Best Gym Day Ever!.
    -- Rochell O. (Oconto Falls, WI United States)
  • Fishing Creek Elementary 70 Stackers
    Students Loved The Relay; Building Sculptures, Videos On Speedstacks.com And Completing Patterns With Timer..
    -- Robyn A. (Lewisberry, PA United States)
  • Smyser Elementary 50 Stackers
    We Were In Classroom For PE So I Had Classroom Stations. Jenga, Ping Pong, And 4 Different Stacking Stations. .
    -- Mike S. (Chicago, IL United States)
  • Morehead Elementary 483 Stackers
    Students Had 2 20 Minute Stations. Stations Included: Spooner Scooter Stack Battle It! Freestyle Mania Dice It Up! Hourglass Vs Lantern .
    -- Vicky F. (Greensboro, NC United States)
  • Forest Hills Global Elementary 65 Stackers
    Students Worked On Stacking A 3-3-3-3.
    -- Morgan M. (Wilmington, NC United States)
  • Rhea Elementary 243 Stackers
    We Had Parents Come Join Their Kids In The Gym,.
    -- Steve S. (Paris, TN United States)
  • Clearbrook Elementary 170 Stackers
    The Students Loved It! They Were So Excited To Participate..
    -- Nancy T. (Roanoke, VA United States)
  • Monroe Elementary 481 Stackers
    Did Relay Games. Kids Had A Blast .
    -- Taylor B. (Des Moines, IA United States)
  • Hanover Street Elementary 160 Stackers
    We Did STACK UP During Our PE Classes, And Let Other Classes Perform During Lunch Recess!.
    -- Jack S. (Hanover, PA United States)
  • King's Grant Elementary 497 Stackers
    We Participated In A Variety Of Cup Stacking Activities With The Students Rotating Through Each Activity. .
    -- Chris P. (Virginia Beach, VA United States)
  • Glenridge Elementary School 742 Stackers
    All Grades From K-6 Participated During The 2018 Stack-Up Event. Relays Using The 3-6-3, 6-6 And The Cycle Were Performed. Great Event..
    -- Ken B. (Landover Hills, MD United States)
  • Warren Community Elementary School 30 Stackers
    Students Stacked For 30 Minutes In Physical Education Class...patterns Of 3, 3 And 6 Cups..
    -- Debra R. (West Warren, MA United States)
  • Stonelow Junior School 166 Stackers
    The Whole School Took Part In A Variety Of Cup Stacking Activities, Including Fastest Stacker, Table Chase And Relay Races Using Normal, Small And Jumbo Cups. Everyone Loved It! Even The Staff!.
    -- Ryan S. (Dronfield, United Kingdom)
  • Belmead School // AB // T5T 2Y9 220 Stackers
    Students From The Different Classes Rotated In And Out Of The Gym Throughout The Day..
    -- Erik L. (Edmonton, AB Canada)
  • Tatum Ridge Elementary 703 Stackers
    We Used The Jumbo Stacks. It Was Great! .
    -- Lisa S. (Sarasota, FL United States)
  • Flossie Floyd Green Elementary Allen ISD 105 Stackers
    Kids Loved It! We Had Several Students Assisting Others To Do More Challenging Stack Ups. .
    -- Rebecca S. (Allen, TX United States)
  • Lords Park Elementary 143 Stackers
    Students Had A Choice Of Speed Stack Relays, Setting School Records, Competing, And Practicing.
    -- Scott P. (Elgin, IL United States)
  • Stony Mill Elementary 444 Stackers
    All Students Who Were Present At School Today Came To The Gym For 30 Minutes Of Competition Stacks, Jumbo Knockout Game, Battlestacks And Building Castles..
    -- Katherine B. (Danville, VA United States)
  • Sabal Palm Elmentary 625 Stackers
    Once Again It Was A Lot Of Fun. Kids Loved It. Looking Forward To The 21st Anniversary!!!.
    -- Miguel F. (Naples, FL United States)
  • Schule Mitledi 40 Stackers
    Children From 7 To 11 In Mixed Group. Very Fun And They Were Eager To Learn.
    -- Eva S. (Hundwil, Switzerland)
  • L.P. Miles Elementary School 250 Stackers
    Each Physical Education Was Able To Work Together Individually And In Small Groups. They Performed A Variety Of Activities Including Warm-up Stacking And Relays. Students Were Engaged During The Activities. .
    -- Donna D. (Atlanta, GA United States)
  • IES Guadalpeña 485 Stackers
    We Have Run A Head To Head Relay Tournament. It Was Great!.
    -- Esther J. (Arcos de la Frontera, Spain)
  • Ss. Peter & Paul 70 Stackers
    Students Did Floor Relays And Had A Great Time..
    -- Bryan W. (Collinsville, IL United States)
  • Will-Moore Elementary 119 Stackers
    Each Of My 6 Classes Practiced Different Stacking Cycles Like 3-6-3, 6-6, Etc. After Practicing, We Did Some Fun Stacking Relays We Then Played With The Jumbo Stacks Which Are New To The Students This Year. .
    -- Mindy L. (Bismarck, ND United States)
  • Lakeshore Elementary 234 Stackers
    Great Day!.
    -- Lisa Q. (Mooresville, NC United States)
  • Sangaree Elementary 410 Stackers
    Had Lot's Of Fun Racing And Seeing Who Was The Fastest 3-3-3-3 Stacker, Who Was The Fastest At 6-6, And 3-6-3. Then The Finalist Got To Cup Stack Against A Few Teachers. .
    -- Jaime K. (Summerville, SC United States)
  • Spring Creek Elementary School 30 Stackers
    Kids Loved It !!!! We Had Them Looking Forward To It For Several Weeks !!! .
    -- Karen T. (Bonita Springs, FL United States)
  • Benson Elementary School 67 Stackers
    We Had Some Cup Stacking Stations Set Up. Tic Tac Toe, Push Up Challenge, Relay Races, Giant Cup Stacking, Mini Cup Stacking, Etc... Students Rotated From Station To Station Until Time Was Up..
    -- Anthony T. (Benson, NC United States)
  • Southside Elementary 156 Stackers
    Kids Had A Blast And Some Want To Take Their Stacking Experience Further.
    -- Emily S. (Miami, FL United States)
  • Russell Elementary School 500 Stackers
    We Introduced The Day By Showing A Video Of The Guinness World Record Holder For Speed Stacking. We Also Explained To Students About Working To Break A Record Throughout The World. We Practiced Our Stacking Skills And Then Had Fun And Friendly Competitions To See Who Could Be The Fastest Stackers. .
    -- April C. (Warner Robins, GA United States)
  • Timber Ridge Elementary 264 Stackers
    2nd-5th Grade Students Came To P.E. For 45 Minutes And Participated In 6 Stations For 5 Minutes Each. Stations Include Timed Stacking, Doubles Stacking, Champion Stack, Scooter Stack, Stack-A-Thon, And Fit Stacks. Kindergarten And 1st Grade Students Participated In Races Of Picking Up 12 Cups Into A Single Stack As Fast As They Could As Well As Playing Upstack/Downstack Using The 3 Stack..
    -- Seth S. (Marietta, GA United States)
  • Port Weller Public School 25 Stackers
    We Watched Parts Of A Few Videos And Learned The 3-3-3 And The 3-6-3. I Made Sure All Students Could Do The 3-stack And The 6-stack. Fun For Kids!.
    -- Kevin D. (St Catharines, ON Canada)
  • Muritai School 27 Stackers
    We Had Loads Of Fun In The Classroom. We Even Had An 'old School' Stacker Join Us For Some Of The Time..
    -- Deane M. (Wellington, New Zealand)
  • Aldershot Elementary 154 Stackers
    We Set Up Stacking Relays In The Gym, Cranked Up The Tunes And Let Them Go! We Did 2 Half Hour Blocks In Order To Maximize Participation. .
    -- Troy D. (Kentville, NS Canada)
  • KSSK (Københavns Sport Stacking Klub) In English Copenhagen Sport Stacking Club 25 Stackers
    A Busy Da Full Of Energy, With Lots Of Laughter And Sweat....
    -- Kim W. (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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