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Guinness World Records Day

Stack with 635,000+ people around the globe to Help Break A Guinness World Records Title!

Participating Countries (25)

  • United States (568,771)
  • Canada (34,794)
  • Israel (3,455)
  • Spain (2,282)
  • Romania (2,148)
  • Hungary (2,131)
  • United Kingdom (2,094)
  • China (1,334)
  • Taiwan ROC (1,051)
  • Korea (903)
  • India (690)
  • Poland (639)
  • Germany (465)
  • Switzerland (451)
  • Singapore (398)
  • New Zealand (393)
  • Philippines (301)
  • Malaysia (248)
  • Japan (219)
  • South Africa (194)
  • Hong Kong (180)
  • Egypt (100)
  • Kazakhstan (94)
  • Denmark (79)
  • Serbia (69)

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  • Jackson Elementary 301 Stackers
    Enjoyed By All! Loved Learning New Strategies!.
    -- Marcia H. (Jackson, LA United States)
  • Schule Mitledi 40 Stackers
    Children From 7 To 11 In Mixed Group. Very Fun And They Were Eager To Learn.
    -- Eva S. (Hundwil, Switzerland)
  • Deák Ferenc Primary School 432 Stackers
    It Was A Fantastic Day..
    -- Eszter N. (Barcs, Hungary)
  • Talmei Hadar Elementary 210 Stackers
    It Was Great!! First Time For A Lot Of Kids.
    -- Odeya G. (Harish, Israel)
  • Jacksboro Elementary School 600 Stackers
    We Did Scooter Relays With The Older Kids And Had Them Race To Build And Downstack Different Ways With The Jumbo Stacks. The Younger Kids Got To Do Running Relays Building The 10 Stack And Downstacking With The Jumbo Stacks. If Time Allowed We Would Change To The 6 Stack And So Forth..
    -- Kelli C. (Jacksboro, TN United States)
  • Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy 37 Stackers
    The Classes Did Stacking During Their PE Time. All Students Either Were Stacking Speed Stacking. I Had 8 7th Graders, 7 8th Graders, 11 6th Graders, And 11 5th Graders. The Other Students Were At Golf Today. All Students Had A Great Time. The Total Number Of Cups Stacked To Was 1,876..
    -- Michael S. (Clearwater, FL United States)
  • Stony Mill Elementary 444 Stackers
    All Students Who Were Present At School Today Came To The Gym For 30 Minutes Of Competition Stacks, Jumbo Knockout Game, Battlestacks And Building Castles..
    -- Katherine B. (Danville, VA United States)
  • Fox Hills Elementary 55 Stackers
    My Kids Love To Use The Speed Stacks! They Had A Great Time Doing Their Cycle Stacks And Stack Challenges With Exercises In Between. This Year They Had The Opportunity To Use The Timer To See How Fast They Could Stack, Which They Loved. I Also Showed Them Two World Record Videos To Get Them Excited To Stack!.
    -- Carly D. (Taylorsville, UT United States)
  • Morehead City Primary 600 Stackers
    We Had The Students Make 11 Lines And Compete In A Relay Race. The First Group To Stack 3 Stacks Of 3 And Sit Down Was The Winner. .
    -- Colin L. (Morehead City, NC United States)
  • Forest Elementary 119 Stackers
    Fun! Looking Forward To Next Year's STACK UP Day And Will Be Able To Work My Schedule To Have More Stackers. .
    -- Kristy M. (Forest, VA United States)
  • Spencer Elementary 32 Stackers
    We Had Four Stations And We Rotated Every 15 Minutes. Stations Were Individual, Doubles, Timer, And Minis.We Had Eight Members On Four Teams..
    -- Mary C. (Spencer, OK United States)
  • Park Lane Elementary School 152 Stackers
    The Students Loved It! I Played A Few Different Games That Were New! It Was Very Motivating This Year!.
    -- Amanda D. (Darby, PA United States)
  • L.P. Miles Elementary School 250 Stackers
    Each Physical Education Was Able To Work Together Individually And In Small Groups. They Performed A Variety Of Activities Including Warm-up Stacking And Relays. Students Were Engaged During The Activities. .
    -- Donna D. (Atlanta, GA United States)
  • Morehead Elementary 483 Stackers
    Students Had 2 20 Minute Stations. Stations Included: Spooner Scooter Stack Battle It! Freestyle Mania Dice It Up! Hourglass Vs Lantern .
    -- Vicky F. (Greensboro, NC United States)
  • Oconto Falls Elementary School 301 Stackers
    Played Survivor, One Of My 1st Grade Students Left The Gym And Said That Was The Best Gym Day Ever!.
    -- Rochell O. (Oconto Falls, WI United States)
  • Guyhirn Church Of England Primary School 73 Stackers
    A Fun Noisy Morning.
    -- Karen M. (Wisbech, United Kingdom)
  • Nene And Ramnoth Primary 260 Stackers
    Lots Of Fun! New Skills Learnt For The Whole Of KS2 (Years 3,4,5 And 6)..
    -- Josh G. (Wisbech (Cambridgeshire), United Kingdom)
  • Century Middle School 300 Stackers
    We Did A Cupstacking Obstacle Course.
    -- Aarin G. (Park Rapids, MN United States)
  • Summer STreet School 25 Stackers
    The Children Came In During A Makerspace Time; The Cups Were Out With The Timers And They Enjoyed Themselves Stacking; Timing And Building With The Cups..
    -- Stephanie H. (lynnfield, MA United States)
  • Lakeshore Elementary 234 Stackers
    Great Day!.
    -- Lisa Q. (Mooresville, NC United States)
  • Mary Our Queen 417 Stackers
    We Had Stations, Competitions And A Class Vs Class Speed Stacking Tournament. We Followed The Stack Up 2018 Website Throughout The Day. .
    -- Sue T. (Omaha, NE United States)
  • St Joseph's School Opunake 95 Stackers
    It Was Awesome. Each Class Came For Half An Hour. We Did Some Practising Of Stacking And We Got To Use Our Timer Mats To Improve Our Times. Then We Played The Stackdeck Card And Dice Games. Our Last Activity Was The Stackup Rob The Nest Game. There Was So Much Activity And Noise And Laughter. What A Great Happyy Day!.
    -- STEPHANIE V. (OPUNAKE, New Zealand)
  • Falmouth District School 157 Stackers
    Our Youngest Students Stacked With Our Oldest Students And Together Built Towers That Were Taller Than Most Of The Young Ones.They Jumped Up And Down, Squealing With Excitement As The Towers Grew Taller And Taller, Bigger And Bigger!.
    -- Janice F. (FALMOUTH, NS Canada)
  • Harper Elementary 160 Stackers
    The Kids Enjoyed Timing Themselves Doing The 3-3-3 And Also Building Cup Castles.
    -- Kelley C. (Riverdale, GA United States)
  • Muritai School 27 Stackers
    We Had Loads Of Fun In The Classroom. We Even Had An 'old School' Stacker Join Us For Some Of The Time..
    -- Deane M. (Wellington, New Zealand)
  • Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary 47 Stackers
    We Had Kids Choose Between And 3,3,3 Stack And 3,6,3 Stack To Start Off. Then We Did A Speedway Cardio Stack, And Followed Up By Partner Stacking..
    -- Sherry M. (Boerne, TX United States)
  • William Levick Primary School 31 Stackers
    We Completed This With The Y6 Class, Which Is The First Time They Have Been Used In School. .
    -- Helen P. (Dronfield Woodhouse, United Kingdom)
  • Richmond Grade School 52 Stackers
    7 Stack Stations In The Gym, It Was A Half Day Of School, So Many Students Didn't See Me Today! Also A 3 1/2 Day Weekend Making For More Than Usual Absences. Sorry! Kids LOVE It Though. We Are Starting A Stack Club In A Week!.
    -- KATHLEEN S. (Richmond, IL United States)
  • Zespol Szkolno Przedszkolny No. 7 502 Stackers
    We Did Our Speedstacking 100 Students Per Hour. It Was A Challenge But We Did It! .
    -- Dariusz T. (Wodzisław Śląski, Poland)
  • Chamisa Elementary 279 Stackers
    It Was Great The Students Had A Blast..
    -- Justin B. (Los Alamos, NM United States)
  • Jaffrey Grade School 110 Stackers
    It Was Awesome! We Had Groups Of About 40 Come To The Gym At A Time. Stacked With Partners To Warm Up. They Were Different Grade Levels So That Was Cool To Watch Them Help Each Other Out-and Sometimes It Was The Younger Student Helping The Older One. Then We Had Table Relay Races. We Divided By Country. I Chose Countries That Were Registered For Stack Up And Split Kids Up. They Carried There Paper Flag From Table To Table As They Traveled Around And Challenged Other Countries. It Was A Blast!!.
    -- Ann W. (Jaffrey, NH United States)
  • African Road Elementary School 170 Stackers
    We Did Group Relays And Races And Ended Each Class With A Group Photo..
    -- Alanna L. (Vestal, NY United States)
  • Fitler Academics Plus 120 Stackers
    The Students Had A Very Good Time Stacking And Receiving Instruction On How To Complete The Activities.
    -- Nate T. (Philadelphia, PA United States)
  • Salem Elementary School 60 Stackers
    Awesome Day, Where Students Moved To Different Cup Stacking Centres..
    -- Michelle D. (Sackville, NB Canada)
  • BPS #48@MLK 25 Stackers
    Awesome Time, The Kids Loved It!.
    -- Sean L. (Buffalo, NY United States)
  • David B. Crane Elementary 90 Stackers
    3rd And 2nd Graders Had Fun Many Of Them Using Timers For The First Time..
    -- John T. (Rochester, NY United States)
  • Chets Creek Elementary 190 Stackers
    All 190 5th Graders Stacked In The Cafeteria. At The End Of The Event The Students Entered A Challenge To Try And Beat The PE Teacher. There Was 3 Winners!! We Gave Each Winner A Stack Of Cups..
    -- Estrella B. (Jacksonville, FL United States)
  • Sangaree Elementary 410 Stackers
    Had Lot's Of Fun Racing And Seeing Who Was The Fastest 3-3-3-3 Stacker, Who Was The Fastest At 6-6, And 3-6-3. Then The Finalist Got To Cup Stack Against A Few Teachers. .
    -- Jaime K. (Summerville, SC United States)
  • Pratt Elementary 398 Stackers
    The Classes For Each Grade Competed Against Each Other During Their Resource Time..
    -- S. F. (Sand Springs, OK United States)
  • Westport Elementary School 120 Stackers
    A Fun Lunch Recess Activity!.
    -- Amy T. (Westport, MA United States)
  • Hammond Hill Elem. School 40 Stackers
    I Did The Stack Up With Two First Grade Classes During Their PE Time..
    -- Corine E. (North Augusta, SC United States)
  • Monroe Elementary 481 Stackers
    Did Relay Games. Kids Had A Blast .
    -- Taylor B. (Des Moines, IA United States)
  • Brooke Point High School Kiddie Hawk Preschool-Lab 55 Stackers
    It Was Kind Of Crazy With Preschoolers But They Loved It. We Had Cups From Jumbo To Small-even Used Some Mini-solo So Little Hands Couple Hold Easier. .
    -- Kathy S. (Stafford, VA United States)
  • St. Joseph Elementary 66 Stackers
    We Did 6 Different Stations. Kids Had A Blast!!.
    -- Jennifer L. (St. Joseph, IL United States)
  • Hanover Street Elementary 160 Stackers
    We Did STACK UP During Our PE Classes, And Let Other Classes Perform During Lunch Recess!.
    -- Jack S. (Hanover, PA United States)
  • Spring Creek Elementary School 30 Stackers
    Kids Loved It !!!! We Had Them Looking Forward To It For Several Weeks !!! .
    -- Karen T. (Bonita Springs, FL United States)
  • Hilla Community Centre (Morning Session) 101 Stackers
    Great And We All Enjoyed So Much ! .
    -- Esther T. (Ampang, Malaysia)
  • CEIP INFANTA LEONOR 755 Stackers
    The Elders Of The School Have Made Iniación Workshops For The Youngest Children. It Has Been A Beautiful Activity, Everyone Has Enjoyed It Very Much. The Others Learned New Sequences In The Stacking Stations By The Gym. A Party Day!..
    -- Sara A. (MADRID, Spain)
  • Port Weller Public School 25 Stackers
    We Watched Parts Of A Few Videos And Learned The 3-3-3 And The 3-6-3. I Made Sure All Students Could Do The 3-stack And The 6-stack. Fun For Kids!.
    -- Kevin D. (St Catharines, ON Canada)
  • Abraham Lincoln Elementary 127 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day Stacking!!.
    -- Steve H. (Indianapolis, IN United States)

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